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TOS Stamp Tour

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘TOS Stamp Tour’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

I hope we can still receive the rewards for the things we’ve already completed ( reach class 1/2/3, reach lvl 420, have +11 T8 equip, etc.) so we can get the final reward in the end.


All reward items, except for the Instance Multiplier Token (14 Days) and Lv. 10 Basic HP/SP Potion, cannot be traded but can be transferred via Team Storage .

sad that we cannot transfer the multiply tokens, but I guess it might help complete the other goals more easily…

“You can also receive a [Event] Stamp Tour Completion Reward Box (14 Days) when completing all the available missions.” is that mean you need to complete including all the expert too? or just all in whatever difficulties?

“Reach Lv. 420 – [Event] Unidentified Mystic Tome”

This is ridiculous. Big advantage to players with level 419 chars waiting to gain 1 xp to 420, while players with chars already at 420 + low level chars need to level up to full. Oh well, I just started a new char, just need to rush him to 420 in a month… :frowning:

“Have your +11 Stage 8 equipment inspected by the Magic Association NPC - Stage 8 Transcendence Scroll”

Basically free t8 scroll.

“Remove socket from an equipment of Lv. 390 or above 7 times - Ancient Golden Socket x2”

HAHAHAHA… nope :slight_smile:
Oh wait… we need to do this absurd thing to get the final reward though… :man_facepalming:

“Complete Uphill Defense at Very Hard difficulty 5 times during the Tour”

Here’s a good challenge.

“Become an MVP in Gemstone Feud once during the Tour”

Another real challenge. Doable but not guaranteed.

“Complete Remnants of Bernice to Stage 40 during the Tour”

Wow they really want us to work for the final reward for once! I hope they fixed the random waste of time between waves, because I never was able to go past stage 35 for that reason till now… Ofc we get the sfr boost patch which should help a lot.

“Explore a map 100% 50 times, complete over 50 Collections”

Ok what about people who already explored all maps and have less than 50 collections to complete? These are team bound, so unless you restart from scratch you won’t be able to complete this one… unless of course the lovely NPC aknowledges already explored maps/completed collections.

“Find all Ausurine and Vakarine Goddess Statues on the map”

HAHAHA some people will have a lot of work to do…

" Players can use the [Event] Stamp Tour Completion Reward Box (14 Days) to receive a [Lv. 420] Stage 10 Transcendence Scroll and 20,000,000 Silver."

Worth the time spent no?

You need to complete everything. This means they allow requirements already met to count, otherwise there are some missions that are simply impossible to do unless you restart from scratch.

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  • Players can use the [Event] Stamp Tour Completion Reward Box (14 Days) to receive a [Lv. 420] Stage 10 Transcendence Scroll and **20,000,000 Silve

i assume that trans10 scroll is permanent, since theres no [Event] tag or any description saying it will be deleted after event ends
unless IMC-ed

i can do every quest but the gem feud mvp is sucks. even tbl is acceptable cause it just participate. this is the one thing that will make dozens of players stuck.

bought soul crystal via daily tp but it doesnt add-up? still 0/20 instead of 1/20
extracted gem from lv390 gear x3, but it count only 1/7
does anyone have some issue with this event?

You can get the reward if you already have a level 420 character.

i hope they have a change of heart and change the gem feud mvp into something more achieveable to me :sad:


Yes, found out it’s the case after logging yesterday. In fact, there’s nothing impossible to achieve, everything that is related to growth/ equipment/life takes into account what you already have or have accomplished – free rewards in that case. Only remain the “challenge” missions and a few other ones (crafting, fishing…).

Hi, I have found a couple of hidden quests but was curious about which ones had been found.

One of mines was o use other user’s shop certain number of times I’m not sure about the other quest sadly

Where can I see these hidden quests?
I’ve received 10k rewards for one quest but that was a surprise for me

How did you know this?

Hello ,

Anyone else in trouble delivering this quest > “Have your 10-Star Monster Card or 8-Star Gem inspected by the Magic Association NPC” … i talk with npc but nothing happens ‘–’

its AND.not was a mistake

Ahhhhh, Thanks my friend ^^

I just got the “you completed a hidden quest” message after finishing an enhancement in a shop and then my husband gave it a try, after a few times he got the hidden quest message too

The mission (adventure (1)) has a mistake, I have all completed quests but on different characters and I didn’t get the reward. You are probably only counting quests if they are all in the same character.

Should be accounted for by the team and not by the character