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ToS - Skribbl Weekends: Draw and Guess!

The RP group invites all kind of artists (and non-artists) to participate in our weekend Skribbl events! is a draw and guess game where a random secret word is given, the player visualizes it and the other people write the word they guess. It has a limit of 8 to 12 people per session, with a total of 10 rounds, and 100 seconds to visualize the secret word.

For this particular room, we have around 100 or more words that are related with ToS, where players not only will draw or guess, but remember designs that they’ve seen in game: Goddesses, Demons, mobs, bosses, companions and such! How much do you know about ToS’ Lore? :distinguished:

We have NA and SEA (Server) timezones in which people can participate:
NA begins around 19:00 | SEA begins around 15:00.

The link for the private room will be given at the RP group’s general chat, and will tag @ everyone when the room is available!
We start tomorrow around NA 19:00 (Server time)!!


About to start Skribbl session! :satisfaction:
Join the Discord for the link and participate!