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Hello I’ve been an on and off player since 2016. I love this game and of course we all have opinions. I have some ideas for the game that I feel might add more depth into the game and quality of life features. Ill try my best to elaborate on these ideas. I’ve been a loyal player of a few games over the years Lineage 2, Silkroad online, Borderlands 1 & 2, Granado Espada, Torchlight 1 &2 (not and MMO but class building like TOS).

  1. Re:Build was great in taking out the rank 1 to 3 system, and confusion but I think removing the rank 3 from the base class was detrimental to the builds. Commiting to the base class more should provide some benefits as they did before rebuild, to the player especially where some of the advances were underwhelming and overlooked. Base classes Swordsman, Archer, Cleric, Sout, Wizard should all have an option to get to rank 3. Now you can have builds that have 3/3/3/1 for instead of 1/3/3/3 and you have to commit to either 1 or 3 ranks. Once you’ve chosen a Rank 1 then all other options are Rank 3.

  2. Dual/Universal Classes. They’re certain classes that could be universal, like Wugushi, Pied Piper, Sapper, Hunter. Aswell as other classes being Dual or Multi classes such as Corsair. Enchanter, Linker, Thaumaturge, Sadhu, Templar, Sage, and Taoist. They would benefit other clases such as Wugushi/Assassin Wugushi/Rangda Wugush. Sapper/Scout builds Sapper/Retiarius, Pied Piper/Cleric which is essentially a Bard/Support. Maybe you can make the available across the board. and the Dual classes like Corsair can be available to Scout and Swordsman. Of course attributes will be dependant on the base classes.

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  1. Subclass System. Since classes are maxed out before 420. There should be an “apprenticeship” quest thats available at class masters you wish to utilize for players at that level, Where the player starts over in level, on that character that has reached the requirements and can switch back at anytime when need be, and they can now access classes outside their main class and when they reach 420. On the subclass they can now transfer over only 1 skill Active or Passive, limited to only regular classes, no voucher classes are available for subclass skill transfer but the player can still use the class if they get the voucher. For example a Cleric a cleric thats 420 decides to go Swordsman tree and go Peltasa/XXX/XXX and when they get to 420 they decide to use the Swash Bluckling on their Paladin build. This system can be used instead of the Universal Class system as they are sort of similar.

  2. Weapon Ranking. One thing I admired with this game before rebuild was the weapon/armor system relvevance and the differences amongst themselves. Some lower armour and weapons that were relevent in the game are now obsolete. In the older versions of TOS some early gear was relevent into the higher levels. I.e. 5 Hammer and Arde Dagger (lol). There should be a System where you have lower level gears and things like Diamonds, Phydecium, Artilonium, Gold Bar, Opal, Ruby, Obsidian, Terranium, Ferinium etc. and those other rare gems that arent used as frequently used.

For Example. Five Hammer Lv. 40 to rank it up you need Five Hammer Lv. 40 x 2 and 40 Garnet = “Five Hammer Lv.75” and to continue from 75 you need Five Hammer Lv. 75 x 2 + 40 Garnet and 20 Diamond and as the item scales up you get the stats bonus +.20% every 2 levels so now + its AoE +6 instead of +5. Once you scale to advance to 270 you now need previous Items and Items from the “Heathran Badge” Quest and the Lv. 2 Heathran Badge Quest for 300+ (We all know, no one uses the Heathran Badge Rewards) once achieved lv 400 they’re considered “Legendary” and you can now make them apart of Savinose, Varna. And through this advancement Lolopanther and Solmiki can become relevant again. Maybe even make Solmiki/Lolopanther can upgrade from 330 to 360 (Ichor Level) to 400. Now You can Add Lolopanther and Solmiki to the Legendary Black Smith and Alchemist.

This idea could be applied to lower level Armors, Jewels Like Cafrisun, Manahas, and Ibre etc.

This would inturn make the entire map relevant as some materials are map exclusive.

  1. Buff Shops. Classes like Enchanter, Thaumaturge, Chronomancer, Rune Caster. Should be able to sell buffs in town, But as an the buffs available to players will increase now players can only get 6 buffs total from all buff shops. excluding the , Enchant Armor, Squire and Food buffs. so now buffs like Agility, Enchant Lightning, Enchant Glove, Enchant Earth, Swell Hands, Pass, Quick Cast.

  2. Card Based Class. This one is a reach and might be hard to balance but the skills would be based on cards and skills would be based or focused on colours. Red = Attack, Blue = Buffs Green = Passives. Purple = Support. and Legends would be capped at only Rank 3 and Maxed at either 5 or 1 depending on the card. Similar how summoners and Wugushi can utilize the cards for use. But to use a card on skill also requires attribute points to set and use. this can be a rank to class and can be used amongst all classes. you can build a class depending on the cards. I have put thought into this build but would require a much more detailed post.

  3. Make some maps open PVP like Mullers Passage its litterally a long hallway, where monsters dont spawn.

  4. Mount Classes such as Cataphract, Hackapell, Lancer should have some arts to make certain attack skills available off the mount to expand on 2H Spear.

If anyone can Translate this to Korean and post this on their forums please do. PM ME

the Universal class and Subclass System wouldn’t unlock all the classes or make all of them available. I never mention Dievderby I mentioned smaller skills or utility. I wouldnt Use Skills like Discerning Evil but maybe Indulgentia or Maybe Increase Magic Defense available. and Arts wouldnt be available to subclasses.

Kinda like pick and choose certain skills to make available. and l did say only 1 Skill from the subclass Not all skills Like on Rodelero you have all these shield based attacks, and with the subclass system of the 8 skills youre able to choose 1 of 3 skills thats only available to subclasses ie. Targe Smash, Shield Push, Shield Shoving. the rest are not able to choose from.