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ToS In-Game Card Game!

Ah okay,so no chance of them from regular monsters? Apologies,I hadn’t seen any footage of it until now so I wasn’t sure.

Nah, just look into the card database in ToS database sites…all of them are bosses

eh?! =3=" shuck i tot i can play mini games in game… well that sucks if the card game is only boss cards

only sorcerers can use these cards, thats sad =/

@II_JoJo_II … and Necromancers

But I have a feeling there must be some other use for these cards that just hasn’t been revealed yet.

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according to that gameplay we gonna risk the card we played, its gonna be usefull for sorceres/necro gathering for card without fighting/spam the boss. Wonder what the other card use for the other classes, beside for the card battle.
joke aside the name length will be one point to determine the winner lol :sweat_smile:

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@Chebus I hope so … otherwise i will just give my cards ;p

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They made it so that you hand over your card upon losing a card match.

It means there is some economic value attached to these cards. Aside from being niche fills for a few classes.

If there really is a gambler class, that minigame will likely be the key to getting it.
And seeing as we got a translated book about a gambler posted on this forum, i would guess that having a streak of alternate wins and losses could likely be a part of that hidden quest. Mostly based on rng, quite appropriate for a gambler.

I hope they expand upon the card game later on, like being able to pick more than 1 boss card and having an option to play without risking anything.

but all in all im not risking cards for a mini game thats RNG based with high risks

I dunno about the drop chances but why wouldn’t you if you have 5 of the same card? :smiley:

Well…you can sell them if they are on demand, and if they aren’t then no one will want to play you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea looks cool. I love card games, so in game one is a nice touch to add to the game.

Cool they implemented this type of thing. I am intrigued if they will take this idea further in the future. FF8/FF9 type of card game was so fun ehehe…

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Interesting Card Game. :slight_smile:

So, it’s just random based? That’s enough to make me horde cards.

yah currently the card game is RNG based depending on the stats of the card

I see. That’s actually unfortunate. I see that it makes it luck based but having a skill based card game system with deep systems and functions could make this a game inside of a game.

Maybe they’ll work on that after everything else. In the meanwhile, it’s good for getting different cards through luck. I’m glad that the cards are able to be used for a a mini-game though, rather than just sitting in storage waiting to be useful or sold.