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Too bored atm, i started ERPing and become

I went to the field outside, farm infinity stone myself

zinutekas gem (concentrate +1)
colifly archer gem (steady aim +1).
crystal spider gem (swift step+1)

Finally, my boots is completed, now i can quit the game peacefully

my 3rd stoulet gem

The one with Swift Step perhaps?

thats what i thought first too, but sadly +3% evasion is not much for survivability.
From what i gathered so far, here are the list of archer’s 5+ minute buff

Sadly they are all class-specific to their own…

Best valentine gift ever!
Thanks @RNGgod

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I can’t even find a primus how let alone the vaivora one…

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i got it from intentionally farming elites at the field (not CM), plus pure luck

Any particular map you found was good for its route? I assume elites are random on maps anyways, but some maps might be better to farm in due to specific terrain and how it’s laid out.

except for the last map (hit hardest and also ranged), i prefer any unpopulated map or map with 5 people in it (means some party CM ing), once you done kill all the elite, go change channel. Just like hunting battle bracelet again, but now is better because everyone is distracted and busy CM/minmaxing random lv430 ichor/varna/new legend raid that most people dont care if there is elite near them (so the competition at outside field is not high YET). Anyway, always keep your hope at minimum level.

Oh, and masinios trinket help you to run faster in the map

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