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Tomb of the White Crow: Unique (Quick guide to the new raid)

Phase 1

DPS Skiaclipse

At around every 70/40/10% of his HP, he’ll start trying to destroy a sealing orb one at a time in NW, NE, SW, SE. This spawns monsters. You need to kill at least 15 monsters that are yellow and have the mob counter on the orb be at 15+ until the timer runs out (20s). Killing black mobs loses 1 point on the counter, so only kill yellow mobs.

For every orb you fail on and is destroyed, Skiaclipse will gain a damage buff for phase 2. Skiaclipse will slow his damage taken so he will not end the phase until he has gone through 3 separate orbs. Phase 2 starts at 0% HP.

Phase 2

DPS Skiaclipse

He has multiple quotes he will say that indicate mechanics occurring.

What are you waiting for? Go! Destroy them!
Spawns black orbs that fly at you. If not killed, spawns multiple adds that attack you. The orb will also leave a white puddle that lowers movement speed.

I will make you feel pain like you’ve never felt before!!
Warps random party members on top of each other and places a black chain on them, connecting them together. Move away to break the chain and stop Skiaclipse from rapidly healing.

You will all drop dead like flies!
One random person will be placed in a Bone Prison. The prison prevents them from doing anything and it has 30 HP (takes 1 dmg). There is a green circle around the prison. Shortly after, he will begin charging an AoE that deals 999,999 damage to everyone. Stand in the green circle to stop the damage, then break the prison to free the person.

Skiaclipse will also randomly inflict a curse on players. This curse puts a red circle around the player and an angry face icon above their head. This will explode in a short time, dealing fixed damage to you and everyone around you. You can transfer the curse by touching an ally. Transfer it to someone with high HP who can take it away from the group. It can also be absorbed by skills with iframes with proper timing.

At certain HP intervals he will open up to 4 different “Sealing Stone” rooms to the west, south, north, and east. These each contain a sealing stone and a small minigame that must be cleared. If not cleared in a sufficient time limit, a random person will be “trapped” which silences them for 20-30s and Skiaclipse will gain a stacking damage and speed buff.

South room: Simon says
West room: All four orbs same color
North room: Kill monsters matching numbers
East room: ???

Aside from the mechanics, he has a dangerous dive bomb attack that deals a large amount of damage, and a black lightning with a red aoe indicator before it happens. The lightning will root your character and prevent you from moving for a few seconds. Lastly, he a very wide cone energy wave attack forwards that deals a large amount of damage and splits it between all characters hit.

Fight ends when Skiaclipse hits 0% HP.


Any cue or notification when the mini game room opened? I didn’t notice it lol must’ve missed it.

combine that guide with greyhiem’s


could of sworn it was the black mobs you have to kill to raise the counter on them spheres in the first phase