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To Noobs like me - the Class Rank-Up System

Heya loves! How are you today?
I discover this from Nexon Korea web, named, Class Comm.
For me, it is brilliant!! Until I see this chart, I couldn’t understand how the class rank system work.
I don’t know that is useful to ToS users…
Anyway, I translate four different rank system. I hope these chart may help you to understand the rank-up system.

Chart 1 : Rank-UP system

When you choose one class, you cannot choose other class in that rank.
For instead, if you chose peltasta from your rank 2 swordman-type class, the other rank 2 classes, in which swordman and highlander, will be disappear from your options of rank 3 class choice. Otherwise, your selection will be fixed three classes, in which circle 2 Peltasta, circle 1 Hoplite, and circle 1 Barbarian.

Chart 2: What if you chose Peltasta…


Thank you for reading this topic :smile:
I hope the next BT came soon!

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It is good to see people writing helpful things like this.

But, I should point out that the class builder in that link is actually in English here:

You can also use ToSBase’s simulators to get a good feel of how the class and rank system works:

Edit: has outdated skill information. is more reliable.

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Thank you very much!! :smiley:

Omg, what a great little chart!! Awesome links here too, gotta bookmark all these!

Thankfully! I am really glad to hear it!

Careful using the 2p one.

It has old/outdated info, use the TOSBase one instead.

Seems like the internet derped out on me and made a double post, ignore this.

I refer to Class Comm. which is Korean ToS web.
And I compare this datum to other two sites which Chebus informs.
Currently, I cannot find difference between three webs.

You must have missed things then, for example, Carve Laima in 2p is:

“Carves a statue of Laima. Increases splash of party members nearby the statue.”

However on ToSBase AND Nexon comms, it is:

“Carves a statue of Laima. Skill cooltime of party members is decreased.”

(In Nexon Comms it is: 운명의 여신 라이마상을 조각합니다.
여신상 주변의 파티원들의 재사용 대기시간이 감소합니다., which is the same as above)

The 2nd one is the correct description, I believe the 2p one also has outdated cooldowns and more.

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I think OP forgot to look at the skills and was focusing only at the classes so they didn’t notice the difference.

@OP the Tosbase skill simulator one is very helpful re finding out which skills per class rank would you like to get and stuff.

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ahha… :open_mouth:
I just consider the class rank up system, not skill :s
that may be why I didn’t find the difference.
Thank you for notice that important part.

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Thank you for this, it helps me get a grasp on how the 80 class happened! Wait does this mean we can keep repeating a class up to 3 times? Like 3 Peltasta ranks… just wanna be sure I understand the graph completely.

Let me explain, my dear!

If you choose the circle 2 pyromancer, your other rank 3 classes in wizard-type classes, in which Psycokino and Linker, will be removed from your rank 4 class choice option.

Chart 3: What if you choose the circle 2 Pyromancer…

As a result, the circle, itself, counts as “a class of that rank”
In addition, you can enhance same class three times.