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[TIP] How to Upload Video

step 1. Please click the following [link]

step 2. Click “Select files to upload” to upload your video ( Video Location : Program File > Steam > steamapps > common > TreeOfSavior > release > avicapture )

step 3. Click “Publish” to make your video live and now you are able to write title and decription of your video.


Can we see a Staff run of ET as an example? :wink:

@STAFF_Max gimme red weapon recipe (paper cube recipe) and then I will upload new damage test fan vid. 4 weeks and next week will be 5, still no recipe. zz

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all cute and dandy, but I would prefer if I could actually see and edit the videos before I upload them…

any additional software recommendation for such activity?_?

please nothing big, my laptop cant handle heavy stuff :pensive:

MPC-HC for a video player should play most things. VLC as a backup if MPC-HC doesnt work.

As for video editting, best freeware software I can recommend is Videopad. Its basic and free to export in 1080p 60FPS

Alternatively: Openshot and Lightworks but I dont prefer them over videopad. Or Windows Movie Maker which comes with your PC (last resort).

For more basic splitting videos you could try avidemux. It just splits the video and retains the quality

For more advanced stuff you can try Sony Vegas.

Good luck with your entries :wink:

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can you confirm if you can see the game recorded videos on the videopad one while editing?_?

all I have is movie maker and the youtube video editor :pensive:

I cant say because I record with OBS. It should work.

If you mean being able to preview your videos and project, then yeah.

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are speech bubbles allowed in the event ;o?

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I’m not sure where to ask this, but I have a few questions!

  1. Is the costume we wear have to be a TP shop costume or can it be a class costume like cryomancer, sorcerer, etc.
  2. Can we cycle through multiple accessories throughout the video or are we limited to 1 costume and the 3 accessories? I have a lot of looks that I can make with my wizard…
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I would like to know this too


You are allowed to crop and cut parts of the video and/or add simple subtitles, but do not edit in any additional visual or sound effects. Speech bubble is allowed sir :slight_smile:

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  1. Your model character must be wearing 1 costume and 3 hair accessories (all 3 head slots must be equipped and visible, not hidden). Premium/newly-released items are NOT mandatory.

  2. Yes you are able to cycle :blush: to show us your must-it fashion

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If there is any of NEWS regarding red weapons’ recipes, I will inform you via announcement. :blush:

is it allowed to mute the music while recording and add a single song of my choice (TOS original soundtrack) while editing?:thinking:

Adding TOS Original Soundtrack is also allowed however, any of Kpop, pop, metal, etc are not allowed :wink:


I would like to use TOS cinematic mode but you cant see your team name nor any type of chat while using it, can i add subtitles for names and text i might wanna use or should i just use normal mode?

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Woooo thank you! I’m excited to make my video :smile:

Revive this topic?

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Silly Forum, it’s worth it…

after all, it’s best_example :wink: