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Tiger Hunter Builds

Are Tiger Hunters worth to get at all? If so, could anyone share a good build please?

TH is in a really odd spot atm.

Piercing Shot dmg is below average for a mid AoE
Rapid Shot dmg does ok against single Beast-type, Bosses and Leather-Type targets
Ambush got awful dmg and is sometimes weird to use

Tracking only really shines with Rapid Shot and Penetration Shot (Musketeer)
Camo Sho CD is waaayy too high for it’s pay-off and it’s a skill for niche situations like pvp assualt on a def-team or aggro removal from a boss
Eye of the Tiger is like the single great thing about the class with a really fat bonus against bosses and it’s decent 50% uptime.

TH builds i personally find ok are:


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Here my TH skill build
my build is Musk-TH-Falconer
can join all content (very good for bossing both raid and worldboss)

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oh? hi xtsuyuri~ welcome to forum too
but i am afraid with your gear, almost every build is possible, a little biased

Hi. Is Musketeer dependent on the Falconeer AOE bonus? Planning a TH-Musk-Hunter…

Falconer will help you alot when mobbing , make your snipe / covering fire become great AOE skills

if take hunter you’ll be hard to do mobbing content (CM / Bernice / Uphill)
so i think falconer better for general content or take hunter if you aiming to do long run bossing(Moringponia wb , insect raid main dps)

you can check in vids , in higher stage falconer circling and aiming really helpful (make your snipe become AOE for mobbing)

Good morning! Released this demo today for people searching for the build. Tiger Hunter - Musketeer - Hunter.
Falconer variation for the new Tomahawk Fire Arts



It’s ok?

I’m no expert and all i know is from videos and reading thing and little experience
TH and Musk are really good for boss, so normally you want to either increase that potential, or balance for mobing…
Wugu is not that great for mobing, and is ok for boss with the STR arts for latent venom…
if you compare to hunter that gives decent buffs for Musk and TH e some extra dps or falco that increase you aoe by a large margin and gives you a burst damage, wugu just don’t add as much

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