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Thoughts from a returning player

Since someone posted his thought, I would like to share mine as well, after years of leaving the game. Here are some of my observations of what the game has improved on and what problems/issues I have encountered.


  • Raid materials become team storable and tradable in market. That helps me big time in catching up with gears.
  • Chapter rewards incentivize me to complete the story quests. And they also help me catching up.
  • Class system is simpler now. Back then I wondered what would happen when there were 12 ranks. I guess IMC came up with an answer.
  • Game is running much smoother. Back then I had an AMD CPU. I switched to Intel, and maybe that’s why.
  • The new healer system with assister for solo healer content is innovative.
  • The teleport statue has a bookmark list. Neat.
  • Overall the UI is more polished.
  • Personal housing OP!


Decent damage requires critical hits

Somewhere in my build there has to be crit-rate buff or crit-resist debuff skills, otherwise it won’t work. Bonus for crit damage buff. We went from build-full-DEX-full-crit at launch to build-a-class-that-can-crit now. Kinda the same.

Tank is a pipe dream in TOS

Despite IMC pretending that there is something called tank (e.g. set effect for tanks, shield effects for tank, having a class called Peltasta, etc.), no one buys it. The force-aggro skills, which would be a characteristics of a tank, are overshadowed by the provoke attribute. A two-hand leather-armor swordman can hold aggro in raid by turning on provoke attribute. Who needs tank?

End-game power creep

To be honest, I think IMC tried to avoid this, but unfortunately it still happens. I can clear Misrus hard in 2 mins, but I can only get to about 80% of stage-1 Tel Harsha. I can carry in Moring raid normal, but I am getting carried in Moring raid hard. Just one step up, the gap in power is vast. (Not daring to run Glacia)

Weird material shortages

I can’t seem to find ways to get blessed shards and blessed gems to transcend my gears. (I ended up buying transcended gears from market) IMC changed everything to drop mercenary badges, but badges cannot be converted to shards, causing a shard shortage. I don’t want to rotate my alts to run dungeon 60 times a day. It’s gonna burn me out and force me to quit. Arch stones are also very hard to drop, so I already gave up on getting the more power arks.

I want to enjoy TOS more than just CMs

What I want to do:

  1. daily CM in weekday
  2. play raid content in weekend
  3. craft better gears over time
  4. sell off extra to market and move on to next raid in weekend

What really happens:

  1. daily CM in weekday
  2. cannot play the raid cause I am not geared enough
  3. spam more CMs in weekend to get silver
  4. buy myself the better mats/ichor/gears
  5. play the raid to sell the same mats/ichor/gears I just bought, but no one buys them cause they are outdated
  6. cannot get into the next raid cause I am not geared enough
  7. In order to buy better mats/ichor/gears from the next raid, spam more CMs in weekday and weekend

Machine translated story

Not kidding. I think the texts they have in the dialogues are machine translated. Come on IMC, you can do better than that…

They are, but they allow players to fix them:

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Yes because Nexon is a small indie company that doesn’t earn enough to hire actual translators :roll_eyes:

Earnings report btw:

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Nexon has nothing to do with any version outside the Korean version.

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Still doing WBR with my Varna-based Crusy instead of legend 440-based wizard (because higher survivability). And most of the time rank 1 and 2 damage lines are Ataka and Assister… Something’s wrong when your skills don’t matter at all.

And by plain damage. Imagine your maxed Hell Breath pyro with huge multiplier from equipment (legend 440, sauk…) being chased all over the JSR arena by the boss because you burst enough damage to get the aggro while the swordies run around trying to catch up Benny-Hill style… :haha:

That’s normal. When it was released, I couldn’t clear Misrus either and with episode 12 it took me only mere seconds afterwards. Just wait for episode 13 and I’m sure you’ll be able to clear Tel Harsha too. This is supposed to be episode 13 content that only the top players can do during episode 12. Or use the healer + assisters combo. That’s what I do currently, as I can’t kill him either with my DPS while there’s no trouble using DPS assisters and healer build to heal them. And I found out it’s way more fun that way too…

Welcome to resident status. The times you were a tourist are over. The game encourages you to buy Leticia Cubes for those. Otherwise you will have to focus on one character only. Fortunately the cost of transcendance is now lower and you get once per month the chance to transcend stages 2-4-6-8-10 at half the cost (don’t miss the chance that day – 50% off stage 10 transcendance will save you a TON of gems).

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