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This will answer (almost) all of your questions about the STR vs DEX debate (pvp not included)

I actually looked it up. it’s <()details><()summary>“title”<()/summary>“insert text here”<()/details>

Make sure you take out those parentheses.

Believe it or not… leather gloves and plate gloves give a lot of accuracy.

Thanks, I’ll fix it.

That would definitely be nice.

Yes, exactly what dmhamilt said.

Well if you finish that, then that means I won’t have to do this again when we get a higher level cap :wink:
It actually didn’t take me that long to do. (roughly 13 hours only).

edit: wait… more damage and defense wouldn’t change threshold numbers… nevermind then.

Great topic, there is just one thing that i think you must take into account for this calculations, STR scales with rank levels while dex dont, so in the endgame with 10 rank levels a full STR is going to have like 1600 stats while a full Dex is going to have 800. So STR will always have more stats overall per stats than dex.

I did actually take that into account. My damage calculator does exactly that.

ops, i thought it was considering only 299 str, my mistake ^^

No worries. those number ratio is how many stat points was put in that stat.

I loveReilet

TL;DR: go full STR and get crit rate gear.

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Great work!
Well for those who are too lazy to read, here’s a quick summary:

  1. As the author says, it doesn’t and shouldn’t tell you what STR:DEX ratio to use, but does show the highest damage based on a number of factors. This is because the chart is about the relationship between the two. It shows a trend between str and dex, based on weapon attack levels.

  2. Secondly, there is no optimal STR:DEX ratio that works for every build. The optimal ratio depends on your total attack (base + weap + skill). The general rule is: You must reach a certain minimum attack before crit starts to give returns. But 10% crit is always suboptimal.

  3. You actually save a lot of time if you look at the table. Author has helpfully set out the highest (yellow) and lowest (red) damage, and you can clearly see the patterns.

  4. My personal take: Warriors should probably go more STR than DEX because their skill damage isn’t high, and they don’t have natural crit rate boost unlike archers. This means that the minimum attack they need is really high and hard to reach. Burst damage archers like Musketeer and Cannoneer, on the other hand, would benefit greatly from crit since their skills can easily hit the minimum damage requirement.


you considere auto attack only in this, NOone play full auto attack.
as cannoner a skill give me 4 k added, i play almost full DEX, and i make those 4 k crit (90% of the time)
Its a lot better than go full str, full str would just add ‘300-400’ physical dmg to the 4K the skill give ( around lvl 225 )
So sure if you play auto attack str Beat dex, but if you play skill, making the dmg the skill give crit, is a hell lot better than add some physical dmg to it.

Scroll to the right. it considers skill damage from 0 (auto attack) to 4k.

100 to 5k :slight_smile:

0 (auto attacks) would essentially be the same as 100 since well, if you actually looked at my tables, there is a pattern.

Thank you so much! This is such a good TL;DR for it. I will put it on the first post.

It’s more than just that. lol

@PappusLove you too. :grin:

Thanks to this I could make my cleric guide clean and bait people into reading something short… until they click on those arrows muahahhaa :smiley:

Well, spearsman could still do a dex build actually because of hoplites Finestra.

Other than that though, sword users should always pump some STR. That’s why I’m always lolin’ at pure DEX swordies.

It does, and it doesn’t beat it till were talking like 3000-4000 base damage. Which pretty much most classes won’t hit with the exception of stuff like musketeer/cannonner. Cannoners aoe’s fully leveled easly pass the 4000 damage mark the second you get them at lv 5. But for 95% of classes, a str build is probally better in the long run. for musketeer Snipe can easly hit that kind of damage, as can any cannoner aoe. but those are about the only classes who have skills that can hit that high, next closest is probally dragoon, some of its attack skills have a huge attack mod., but other than those 3 of the crit enabled classes, the rest would be better off with a str build. At least thats what I am getting from this from looking at damage value of lv 220 gear. Which even +10’ed is not really all that high.

All in all OP’s spreadsheet pretty much ends the debate, and the winner is: str is better for almost every crit enabled class. With exception of musketeer, cannoner and probally dragoon. My archer uses a str 4, dex 2, con1 build, which gives me best of both worlds, though at 121 after reading this I may stop raising dex and just start going pure str/con. Green gems will make up the diff.

Even then why would you? the crit rate needed to get high crit% gets insane later there is literally no way you’d hit it even full dex+finestra. But finestra does allow anyone with hoplite3 to easly hit 50% crit rate or higher just with base dex+green gem+finestra. There IS a reason that people say the ONLY viable swordman dps build is swordman->peltasa->hoplite3->dopple->dragoon. Since you don’t need dex for crit, you can go more str/con to hit harder and also your able to tank. As a bonus finestra also gives +3 aoe attack ratio. The crit rate from hoplite3 is easly why people say its the most viable, thats like 150 free dex. You can also sub dopple for corsair but you’ll take a huge dps hit (deeds of valor’s +50% dmg buff is not to be sneezed at), in exchange you get more utility. But I don’t know if its worth the huge dps loss.
Fienstra requires a 1 or 2 handed spear to stay active and it drops the second you switch to a diff weapontype, thats why dragoon is there, hard hitting attack skills+2 hand spear use, but lets be honest, one hand spear+arde easly out dps’s any 2 hand spear user. When you factor in the fact that the arde damage applies to every hit of a skill, and Hoplite has stabbing which can easly hit 15+ times. I’d depend on if the skill is a big single hit or a bunch of hits.

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Yep, that was my point. Swordies in this game is just eye candy till IMC decides to do something about it.

Accuracy is very level based for the most part, the only things u might miss occosionaly are flying mobs that have self evasion buffs, on Orsha before i left it i was lving a FS priest and there was only 2 enemies from lv 1-75 i’ve ever missed on, and both were small flying critters, even then I still had over a 80% hit rate, this was in cafrisun set too, which the gloves add bascally 0 acc. The whole acc thing seems to be more of a pvp thing in my eyes. in pve even with no dex you’ll most likely rarely if ever miss.

doesn’t matter because you’ll get bullied by clerics, archers and wizards.

that’s a pretty garbage build if you think that’s viable I feel bad for u son.

mmm the question is.

¿does this new information affect the archers with their buff kneel shot?