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THIS SUCKS! :/ Nobody wants me :(

Keep in mind the game is still very young, my advice is to reroll the cryo/chrono with your friends and by the time more of the f2p members have reached the 200+ mark you can continue on with your swordsman as I imagine by then with a lot of the population at 200+ there will be a lot less requirements people set to join their party.

Alemeth forest was my best grinding days :frowning:

first i dont get it if you dgaf about it why complain about it?

second, i realized this on the first 3 weeks of the game with everyone spamming LF PELTASTA ONLY i dropped my lv201 doppel without peltasta and started a new character.

WHat server are you on, anyways? >_> @animalistix_2000

Why do you want to re-roll? Is it because someone told you that you were useless?

I’m always looking for a Doppel, if you’re on ORsha.

Dude I bet you went TLDR coz you obviously didn’t read. It says there

“Feel free to bash. IDGAF.”. Its about the bashing and I really do give a flying ■■■■ about these Swordsman issues coz this is the only game that I don’t really feel the Swordsman strength.

Yes yes this ain’t Ragnarok but in Ragnarok, Knights can still put up a fight. Here? lol my 20k HP gets rekt in 2 seconds by a musketeer. Been thrown around by a Psychokino. Shot with stones by a QS and never managed to wake up. My balls turned to ice cubes by a Cryo.

@Senpaikunchanperson I’m in Telsiai.


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Sadly gungho and concentrate are pretty crap after 200+ since they dont scale ■■■■. Even my rank 5 archer deals higher dps than my rank 7 c2fencer :cold_sweat:

Hope they will change gungho+concentrate to scale properly in the future patches :sob:

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Well yeah tho currently majority of the swordies are pretty much limited by the bs skill scaling and the metabuild crap. Hence, its pretty demotivating to know that the chances of entering an ET party is pretty much close to none if one doesn’t follow the so called " Correct " build, which is true in a way. Archers may not be able to take more than few hits but this doesn’t apply to Wiz with full con build. They are tankier than dps built swordies and deals higher dps as well lol. #justmy2cents

These issues bout swordies have been explained in detailed from more than 3 posts. Yet 0 replies from any of the moderators.:cold_sweat:

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Swordsmen aren’t DPS types but they still do decent damage. You either go pure damage or pure defense or do both in a build. You can also do evasion type if that pleases you.

As my post says… Its hard to find a party if you’re a swordsman without c1 peltasta. 15 skill points is too much to waste for me. And what about later on? Pro Tip for Swordies : Get c1 pelt so you can find a party @ 230+ o.O Other classes are free to choose whatever they want and could still grind til max level aside from us who never got c1 peltasta. It’s a “must have” for swordies coz people are picky.

cleric must have C2 or priest C2 to heal decently, elementalist must take wiz C3 to cast quickly, and so on

swordsman is not the only one

THIS SUCKS :soccer:S

Who wants to be defined by others, right??
We play what we want.

Even if we don’t get parties. :grinning:

Every class should be treated equally. Just because we don’t have taunt that doesn’t mean we are useless. We deal decent DPS too. It’s just these people being picky.

Its literally IMC’s fault for the slow/low respawn/spawn rate as well.

So… have all the feedbacks swayed you enough to finally reroll tho?

Do you have friends (irl or ig [friends are friends yo]) that could help you grind? I am a firm believer in class-build fluidity and Earth Tower is freakin far from endgame.

If diverting my attention to other characters is considered rerolling then yea. My friends are in Varena coz they waited for F2P instead of buying DLC. They’re mostly 90 ish so I think by the time I transfer there (assuming there will be a transfer), they’d probably be the same level as my Cat.

I still struggle to find a party and managed to grind today with decent personnel. 3 wiz 1 cat 1 archer. A no healer party in EVAC that lasted for more than an hour with proper kiting skills. Serves as a proof that most players are a bunch of lazy turds that have no idea on how to lure and kite mobs.

THAT is rerolling, man. Lmao.

Don’t assume there’ll be a transfer. There might never be one.

My suggestion is to shelve your Cata and continue your attention-diverting character on Varena with friends.

Found in this thread

Ow. Good to know. Yea, give your best shot then.

It was staff Julie who posted it though who is known to have left IMC. I don’t know if they’d still offer it…