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This is how IMC deal with problems


no wonder the game is 900 people playing now with bots and their alts.
i put my primus pants on market like 3 month ago
stats of it are 47 SPR 47 INT 47 CON, i was thinking if i cannot sell it then i will try ichor.
then 2.5 month ago, IMC updated market UI, that was before the silver hack, and my pants disappeared from market, it is not completely disappeared then, but i cannot see it with the character i put it with( neither from selling tab nor market), while i can see it on market with my other characters, so i didn’t be aware of the problem and thought it might be just a visual bug so i plan to wait till the selling period to expire.
however when the selling was expired. my item didn’t give back through market retrieve tab and i didn’t get silver too, it was stuck and lost and gone.
here are some pictures that to prove it.

IMC staff just keeping ignore my post or reply with useless stuff like
" there will be furthur investigation" and shut down my ticket. while after ages there won’t be any result to expect from them.
or fool me with the infinite silver problem, but actually my item disappeared few weeks before that

what, is this the investigation you promised to make??? :grinning:

all those things, bitergina card, ribbons, silver hack and much more, how many posts we have to post to make IMC aware of the problems? it’s ok for me to play a game even it has problems, but it is really hard to stand the questionable attitude of how they deal with problems.

( i think i described the problem in details already, if anyone of you have the same problem: cannot see the item you post on marketwith the character you put it but can see with other chracters, then you gotta pay attention to it, make a video, screenshot or anything and start to send the ticket before it’s too late, tho i doubt it will work.)


How much u put the price on market ?



the ToS environnement will never be healthy…all the profits from tp exploits, multi account exploit event, bots and RMT still ruin everything. And everytime imc tried to fix all thoses shits…it had hurt honest players. I remember the TP restriction about trade 1:1, RMT guy still had a free road to do what they want and us…we couldn’t trade anymore to our friends.

I don’t get why games nowadays don’t pay somebody who can check everything while online (and doing good events, not those boring-bot-pannel-dailies-events)

mayyyyyyyyyyyyyybe you will have at least… apologize for this


there are still players having problems with that?


I saw he put that pants on the market for 100m, 2 month ago.
why gm didn’t fix it before and said "no longer accepting the incident"now…this is terrible

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Can u show the whole picture and please not the crop one


as i said before i didnt expect this would happen so didnt have the whole picture, but it is already enough for IMC to at least check it out


was 100m before, then i changed it to 90m or so days after


So 100m for a pant huh …

TOS Team already said your item was part of the silver hacked abused … why would you still want to argue about that…


p.s i am surprise that your account did not get ban :tired:


Personally i feel 100m for that pair of pants is a fair price for those pants, it is a very high roll.
Even then he has every right to list at 100m to try to get the maximum profit he can get, lowering the price along the way if no one wants to buy at that price.

Why should it be a lesson for him and why should he even be penalized at all


do you have any idea what 47X3 stats pants means :o?


it worths 100m for sure dude, don’t be as foolish as IMC, and i did put that pants at market 3 weeks before the hack.


exactly, tho i place everything on normal price during the hack, none of my items got removed like this staff said, and the only thing got removed is the pants, 3 weeks ago, before the hack.


As i have said before your item was part of the silver hacked abused … why would you still want to argue about that.


do you get my point? the pants were disappeared 3 weeks before the hack even happen. do you think it make sense as the staff said it is involved? it was gone to goddamn nowhere weeks ahead, they said none buys the ribbons too lmao


:grinning:do not make fun of urself, it’s already a pain to fight IMC, have mercy and try play the game dude.


the stats of that pants is extremely good,100m is the normal price


i tried to argue with that guy and i had to stop,hes somewhat dense,don’t waste your time
you give him evidence/threads/pictures etc and he still won’t accept it


dude this youngvader88 guy is a troll


Hmm… sorry for being late, I was looking all through the logs. starting from 1st of 2018 until now…

And Yes I found the last log on 25th of August.
Also, it was correct that CON 47, INT 47, and SPR is also 47 which is uncommon, but
It is almost max value of that item allows, and the stat is a legit one as well, very impressive piece of item.

I also found that this item is gone from the system without delete logs too
Which is extremely rare but seems it did.
What would you like to do with it @armour263 ?