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This is how IMC deal with problems


make an ichor(1day) out of it and send it to him via inbox


thank you a lot for checking this for me, i’ve tried a lot to send ticket, they didnt even try i can tell from their replies. and yes all 3 stats, they are close to max value, the date is correct too.
i traded items with otehr ppl for this pants, around 100m, i don’t want it to be vanish like this so i simply want it back, can you help me ?


Sure, I need time to create and test the item in game, this might took few days, but I’ll send it to your cabinet with PM. Sounds good?


thanks for the effort


It’s taking days because, while my failure creating item could be sometimes critical in game system, So I want to take a little bit more caution while creating it.


sure!!! are the best of IMC staff


Great, I’ll start the work then. :slight_smile:


All right, all system seems good to go…

I’ll issue the item to your Character, ARu, the plague doctor today.


But seems only one thing bothers me… I managed to successfully created item with those three Stats,

But I’m keep failing on the HP recovery. possible faulty…

If you wish to have this one, I could give you right away

But if you wish to have also the Health Recovery, I think i have to elevate to talk with Data team about it.

Which way you would like to do?


tbh i want 4 stats… coz it looks better, and hp recovers helps too tho not too much, or maybe you can compensate it as ichor then it’s ok with 3 stats


The ichor will be No, the policy states strict with that issue that the item recover has to be not more or the less.
Well, then I have to talk with Database team then, this should take another time. maybe the next maintenance.


sure,i’ll wait , thx again!


Good, the database team lend me good time with this one, I’m sending the item back to you
It’s on ARu’s cabinet now.


ok! i’ll go check now


got it already from market! thanks for the help Yuri! have a noice day :grinning:


For all ths slander IMC gets, when they do something right they should get some props.


hi yuri , today i got bugged by this kind of stuff again , 20 mins ago, i put my shinning battle egg on market for 22m, then it disappeared, with -200k as market registration fee. after i confirmed i cannot see my item on my selling list, but i did see an announcement in chat bar saying “successfully registered the item, please allowed up to 2 hours for the item, etc”.
Server: Fedimian[EU]
Team name: Albero
Character name: Killua
Time: PM1:46 server time.


here is the video, i’ve put only 9 items and when i was trying to put the 10th item, it shows “fail to registrate”, looks like it was the shining penguin egg which i lost yesterday has been stuck there,but i cannot find it from market by search tool too.


If it’s truly there, you should get it back when the time expires for the posting. I’ve never seen this bug before, but I’d just wait that out.


it is, last time i wanna wait bug to get fixed automatically like you said then it went totally disappeared XD