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This game's enhancement system

is too punishing, i’ve spent 30+ GA on my velco pike, it’s still not shiny, pls IMC make shiny start at +10

psshh no luck for you

^ you scammed me, it didnt work after i posted a complaint!

they need time to read you know

another pride pursuer complaining without realizing shiny isnt mandatory anymore since rebuild

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Aiming for +15 with golden anvils is an exercise in failure, your odds are very low.

+11 is pretty much the limit for GAs unless you have like 300 of them.


this was a joke guys. nothing to see here. move along



If the above isnt sastified you.

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I also fail anvil velcof two handed sword using golden anvil from baubas meditation month to month, thats a joke anvil,
with a joke prize reopen cube and anvil cost total around 80m silver lose, that is include event 50% reopen discount,

Sorry my fellow, I graduated.


I’ve given up on my Velco Pike. It was my most expensive fail so far!

+15 should be the max enhacement for weapons in this game, but then again they go with the retarded idea to go up to +40 and let bug abusers to take advantage of it and get with it without punishment…


tips here: use the casual anvil + change channel combo.

I know this, it reached to +14 5 times but I always fail towards +15

What are you talking about? The enchant system is wonderful.

Just wasted all potential + ~40 golden anvils and still didn’t saw better enchant than +10.

Joy to play. :slight_smile:

(and that beautiful moment when I had +10 while only 1 potential was wasted, and then fail symphony begins :P)

And on serious note, I don’t know why I even bother, like Lineage 2 didn’t teach me where is my place with enchanting…

I can’t imagine all the complaints when people will try to enhance Savinose weapons with 5 socket slots and 9 potential… I guess reaching +11 will be the ultimate goal.

a dude in my server managed to +28 a 2hd savinosa
worse part is that he did it in front of us in the city, no bug abuse or anything

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Yeah as long as there’s RNG involved, such success steaks are bound to happen. I remember once while playing a RPG failing to cast a spell five times in a row while the fail rate of the spell was… 1%.