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This game is a joke now, open the wallet and " gg ez"

This guy is the only reason why fedimian is still open.
I am out of this ■■■■.

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what addon is that? to show the leticia notification in chat log

Not addon, now the game itself shout when people open rare loot in leticia

thats weird . my tos not showing leticia jackpot notification in chat log

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hmm zero was alwayes casher and i guess he playing longer then you, so why you cry, a lot ppl want that card and will buy from him

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I got Boruta Card and didnt get even the regular notification v: And how you think “F2P” games pay the electricity bill, servers and the crappy support we have? I read you even sent a ticket cause you didn get the card XD

You got 6000 tp for free by logging in and afking 99% of the time as a vice guild master of the support guild. You better be silent.

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Like i said in another post.

IMC deliberately nerfed silver acquisition to hell because they want us to buy/spend TP on Leti and costumes and packages to sell for silver/exchange to medal.

Us F2P/low spenders feels it’s amazingly tough to grind for silver now.
Just my two cents.


for ftp older player that stacking silver before update it is not a problem because right now gear upgrade is a lot cheaper

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But it will be a problem eventually.
There are a lot of things players need/want to buy not just to advance their gear; tokens, costumes that they want, seals, DL cards etc etc. You get the picture.

At some point, that silver will be gone, fast. Back to grinding they go.
But the silver gained from cm and ds are just pitiful now. If anything it might put off a lot of players (F2P ones mostly I assume).

Heck, my guild just got robbed and I’m pretty sure it’s because the perp was tempted to get quick silver.

This game is currently on maintenance mode. I hate saying that cause I still like the game.
But the direction IMC is going so far, it ain’t good. (Unless you whalin)

you can farm silver in HG, but need vvr lvl4 for solo , they need make brykite drop from HG and CM because this make slower progres for FTP player

Not only vvr4 (TWO vvr4 mind you). But a 500k entrance fee. And double that if you want to extend.

One could argue that getting a vvr to lvl 4 isnt as hard and expensive as before, but IMC needs to buff the drop rates of dark red and debris in DS. Because right now it’s a fking joke.

The easiest way to get debris/dark reds are from the market.

And what does market use?
Exactly, silver.

And what got nerfed to oblivion?
Eeeexactly, silver.

Both cards sold within 3 hours, meaning people actually have silver but were waiting for WHALES to get them and sell at somewhat acceptable price for them, like all items in game that are limited. This whole thread is pointless…

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But how would you know that the buyers are all F2P?
For all we know they might be whales/dolphins that just didn’t have the luck to get the cards from rolling leti. There are tons of those. Even in Telsiai, where we have a whale conservation.

I disagree completely. This thread is not pointless at all.
This game has been in maintenance mode since IMC removed silver from the overworld.
ToS is now just a platform for IMC’s higher up to show the board that they are still making money.

I won’t stop playing tho, still having fun and surrounded by chill and friendly guildies.

I just don’t understand why people are defending the decisions IMC makes.
Where it’s obvious that the game is now out just to wring cash out of people.

I know who bought them, but i see and respect your point too. Your server has more whales and bigger population overall so whales undercut each other to sell their goodies, of course with bigger player base you need more items to sell so it kinda evens out.
The thread started because someone got butt hurt because I got 2 cards with my own money, while he rolled as well with the TP IMC gave him which he worked for, i worked for my company, got my money and i can spend it however i want. He worked for IMC, skipped money part and got TP instead, which kind of makes it the same, the TP came from same “source”, our invested time. Now he is being a hypocrite and a cry baby because he didn’t get what he wanted, while few months back he got the Boruta card within 20 opened cubes.
However, what you talk about is different story and you can open another thread and discuss about it. New patch’ have a good and a bad side, like with every game ever, plus this game has been like this since…ever?

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I see your point now.
I didn’t know the backstory behind you and OP. And Fedi’s economy condition.
I apologise.
I guess my love/hate feelings for the game pushed me to rant xD

I could start a new thread. But nah, I only start threads when it personally involves me.

plus this game has been like this since…ever?
nah, I admit I haven’t played as long as other veterans, but when I joined, F2P, dolphins, whales, they all have more or less an even playing field.

But yea, another topic for another thread.


Cheers mate, nothing to apologize for.

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Time is Money
Some people got work but less time to play but got money to pay for the time you miss at while working
Some people got time a lot of time

we just pay if different way

as casual gamer i thank whale in the bottom of heart for supporting tree of savior financially
for i can only support it by playing


While I COMPLETELY AGREE on ALL your points.

Us casual/low spender players in ToS will one day realize that the grind we do (cm/ds).
New players will hit that wall, I guarantee it, and they will either throw money at IMC, or just quit altogether.

I’m just frustrated by IMC’s decisions.

But still! If you enjoy the game, keep on trucking man! And ignore this bitter guy commenting on you xD
Having fun it’s what it’s all about!

there is the proof that this game only for some gives them the jackpot two or three times, we have all bought TP at some point and the prizes that it throws at us are just garbage