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This event is by far one of the best

If one gets the animation 2-3 secs after the monster cast it, the latency is really bad and it will be wise not to play the event at all. It is like saying that the latency fluctuates from 300ms to 3000ms.

It might not be just the game server’s problem if that’s the case. It can be ISP problems, shared network congestion , wired or wireless connection, or software problems (excessive torrenting/software updating) that is causing the the fluctuation.

Yep, fun thing happen when you jump to dodge that shadowgaler aoe thing and die in the air.


sorry for my very bad english.

I’ve had bad ping all my life man, some years ago i had 400ms on League of Legends, andi have lag spikes only when flatmates watched something 1080p on youtube.

If your ping fluctuates being you alone at home, it means you have a bad internet, it’s not the game.

That you have terrible internet and like to blame it doesn’t mean i don’t know what latency is and how it works.

500ms it takes 0,5 seconds to your action to actually arrive to the server. You just hae to look 0,5 seconds ahead and do things 0,5 seconds ahead, and yeah, the whole animation from shadowgaler takes 2 seconds or more.

If you have 3000ms i don’t even know what you play on, my ping from nearly the other side of the world is 300ms.

TL:DR Fix your internet.

Now that we know I have bad internet, how do I fix the part of my internet that’s between the Amazon AWS gateway and IMC’s server hosted there? IMC didn’t give me the password, so I ended up dying in midair to shadowgaler aoes.

Aight guys, we found the solution. ArenaWaifu says fix your internet if you have high ping issue. Literally this is how IMC [resolved] problems.


Try to play a FPS game with 300ms and tell us how to not die without notice where the shot comes. If you play a game long time with 300ms+, you’re a masochist

You really has 0 base to state such a thing.
We have to take in consideration many factors as: Shadowgaler has ping 0, current server latency, client speed to execute tasks, your internet route, your internet provider latency and etc…

The point here is: you will never scape 100% of time as playing with 30-70ms. So if you’re able to do such a thing, please, record a video showing your current ping and playing in the event.

No proofs not happened.


ya, fix ur internet please…

we all dont have latency issue beside tos.

unlike u, u have bad internet and u deserve it.

we dont.




ikr… resolved :joy:

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jesus stop to use fu ping make tracert and look then how your route is ping says not much


i know learn to adapt high latency game is one thing

but not admitting to imc stupid server latency (half of the 4k population playing above 300ms ping)

and not admitting this event is latency dependent

thats a special kind of hue, that i myself couldnt even agree with…


i learnt to play wow EU and US with 300~600ms because blizzard dont wanna make SEA server…

but i playing TOS on SEA server with 300~900ms ping/spike while dota with dear pinoys i get stable 100ms


i must learn to adapt tos, yeah right… bs


ILIDAN disease at its best :+1:

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u have no clue do tracert to the game server and check how is your ms dont use ping

u can see the Amazon Server was Bad after i reported this my Conncetion was very good


yea right…

so user/player should call aws to fix whatever intermediate/middle-man issue for latency ?

but i recall, its the provider(imc) responsibility to choose their contractor(hosting/aws)

not the customer.


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did u tried with tracert? or u doing onlys the ping ■■■■?

i quit tos already

i get it, u are one of the lucky guys with nice ping in TOS, congratulation.

can i move in to your house ?


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it is not luck it is i looking from where come the problem. like in my pic i checked and i reported to Itos team 3-4 Days later the problem was done. and if u dont play anymore why u spam in every topic? nothing to do?

eh, so whats the ip for varena and telsai now?

this doesnt work now.

me posting

u call it spam, i call it hue

and its not illegal

u cant call the police

why u try to police me when the problem is imc

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i will give u thy ip later from Both server kk?

We are still brainless lol

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