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Things RO Mobile did (so far) that TOS did not but could 🔥

I’ve been playing ROM for about 2 days now on the Nox android emulator (for that PC gaming feel, and my phone is too medieval) and I’ve found some interesting things and can’t resist to compare it with TOS.

No, I can’t understand Chinese but the game is so suprisingly well-made that as long as you’ve played the original RO, you actually can figure your way through the game (e.g. if a quest says kill X number of monster Y, use the auto-track function to specifically kill only monster Y).

Now maybe these won’t actually be good if implemented in TOS as they may make the game too “casual” (if TOS isn’t already), but it’s the first time I’ve enjoyed an MMO in quite a while, perhaps even more if everything was in English.

The purpose of this post is not to belittle TOS nor try to convince TOS players to pack up and go to this new game, but to perhaps - maybe - give IMC and the remaining playerbase ideas of what might be possible for TOS that could make the game more enjoyable, especially to new players.

Here it goes:

1.) Monsters no longer drops loots if you’re no longer getting exp from it - If there’s an item from it that you need (e.g. for crafting), you can get it from another higher level monster that’s within your leveling range so you leave that lowbie area for lowbie players to enjoy and not be annoyed by you. Totally makes sense! No more forever AFK/macro farmers right?

2.) Gear upgrades (the +damage and + armor) is character bound, not item bound - say your current level is 25, you can upgrade your gear to up to +25 (don’t know yet what the max is) but that is character bound which means if you swap gear, you retain the upgrade and it applies to the new gear. No more needing to hack/exploit to get that uber+ and sell the gear like pancakes. Neat, no?

3.) Auto-farm function - Yes, basically a bot/macro built-in. You can go in a map/area, click the button and can choose to either only find and attack a specific monster or attack everything in the area. The catch though as I’ve been informed is that you’ll only have 3 hours of normal exp and loot drop in that area; after 3 hours, those values are reduced (resets daily, doesn’t count when you’re not attacking or when you’re in cities), perhaps to allow newly logged in players to get more and prevent camping. Finally, swordsmen can bot! What a time to be alive!

4.) Click on an area in the map to automatically travel - Not sure if TOS has this already (I never tried nor thought of trying).

5.) Hundreds of channels per map, whole world in a single server - I guess that’s self-explanatory :joy: There’s still some lag during peak hours, but that’s expected in a beta (why overspend on infrastructure when you haven’t even started earning yet?)

6.) Dailies that are quick to do so you can resume on doing whatever you want to do in the game

7.) Decent compensation even for a 5-minute emergency maintenance (while still in beta) - emergency maintenance are expected since the game is still in beta, but the compensations aren’t. Really surprising! Old Blue Box and stat foods, yeah?

8.) Skill quickslots for auto-cast - works with the auto-farm function. Can only put 2 skills for now. It seems you can unlock 2 more for 4 slots.

9.) Auto-follow party mate - #8 works here (e.g. if you have Heal and Blessing, your char will automatically use those when appropriate). If the partymate you’re following is in another map, you character will auto-travel there, even auto-using warps and NPC services if needed.

10.) You never run out of monsters on the screen

11.) All RNG, no DPK

12.) Game runs smooth as butter for what it requires minimally hardware-wise

13.) As soon as you level, game informs you what new things you can do at that level (e.g. at lv.25, you can join/create? a guild I think, etc.) as well make available new quests

14.) Already has events even if still in beta (and they don’t break the game, holy siete!) - It’s Chinese new year so we’re getting chicken hats as well and monsters randomly drop those red envelopes that you can open for a chance to get zeny from 1-500.

15.) Still grindy like the old RO, but you can also do quests for that level boost - of course, if you have someone to boost/help you (especially a cleric or any highlevel that can take aggro and tank), you can opt to go for monsters that are levels above you for more exp! Just like the old days!

16.) Speaking of quests, the quests actually makes sense - no more digging for days! So far there were harvesting but only 5 to harvest, and very quick to do! None of those stupid long 20-30 seconds loading animations with a chance of failure or getting stunned (Plant: “Because f*ck you, that’s why!”)! A daily quest that asks you to take a screenshot of a nice scenery? Why not?! Finally, you get rewarded for taking screenshots lol

17.) Almost everything in the UI makes sense in terms of positioning and use especially for a mobile game - no more obnoxious TP button that constantly reminds you that there’s always that option, some are even forced to install an addon just to get rid of it or move it somewhere else

19.) More coming!

These are just what’s on the top of my head right now so I’ll add more when I can.

If you don’t like not understanding quests (especially for those who likes a game for its story), I suggest not to pick up the game for now as you might prematurely hate it and forget about it.

If you’re into getting shots of nostalgia in your veins, trust me this remake is the most faithful ever to the original RO game we loved and lived for years. The art (now in 3d!), the bgm, the sfx, the maps (although some were changed a bit for mobile UX), the classes/jobs — almost everything!

As for the game being “casualized”, I think it makes sense. Original RO players are now adults mostly living adult lives (married, w/ children, working, always on the go, etc.) so the QoL and convenience the game provides actually allows the old players to still enjoy it in their free time. The slight simplification also gives players new to the title easy grasp. A win-win for both generations!

Also, I think there’s no such thing as “hardcore” mobile gaming.


Here’s what I think (so far) on how they’ll monetize the game:

You can pay for some sort of premium subscription that extends the normal exp/drop or temporarily remove the reduction.

Pay to unlock the 2 other slots for a total of 4.

Being F2P, there’s always chance that this game will become P2W at some point like every mobile game out there, but I think with a premium subscription approach they can more than make enough to profit and pay for game’s upkeep and continued development.

They can also just add QoL or P4C options like the additional auto-cast skill slots above or perhaps additional character slots (right now max is 3) for additional income. There’s the option to sell statless costumes too! :slight_smile:


With player-to-player trading currently not available (not sure if it will be implemented), the only way to do RMT is via auction house.

Now if they’ll just closely monitor the market and dynamically set price ceiling/floor for items based on supply, demand, and how easy/hard they are to acquire, then RMT won’t be a problem, nor overpricing/undercutting.

If you want to play the game on your PC, there’s a guide here:


Don’t worry Mr Kim got this - TOS Mobile in full production, thanks for buying TP :smirk:

TOS will explode if they tried this here

It’s also a mobile game, so quite understandable. Very different from desktop gaming.


It’s like you’re enjoying botting (in case you need to do other real life stuff), but you can also hop in and play it manually (do quests, hunt bosses, go to higher level maps, do “cracks”[instances] with parties, etc.) where you can to progress faster.


how to download this? I can’t seem to find one in app store

I dont really care until I saw this. This will never happen to tos I guess. Ironic that a simple mobile mmo has this while a pc mmo thats running for over a year does not.


I’m playing the game too, and having fun with it. Probably more if I could understand it. So here’s to me hoping for an english release.


We both and probably thousands of others are! :slight_smile:


The reason why I don’t play mobile games is cuz of autofarm. it is actually the new norm for mobile gaming. My take on it is “why am I wasting my mobile battery power just to watch the game play by itself?”


'coz it’s perfect to play it at work. :joy:

but yes it’s becoming a thing now for mmorpgs in mobile, but really it’s up to the player. if you were actually playing the game but is just putting it on auto pilot, then that is just kind of retarded.

what’s good here is the limit like @ZeroFoxGiven said, [quote=“ZeroFoxGiven, post:1, topic:346365”]
The catch though as I’ve been informed is that you’ll only have 3 hours of normal exp

so you just can’t bot 24/7. probably ToS will also have that feature when they release their oh-so-glorious mobile version.

maybe it’s just the nostalgia, but it’s quite fun.


I can’t disgree with that since gamers have different preferences, especially when there’s difference in platform preference as well.

Not trying to hit on TOS, but doesn’t the game somewhat “unofficially” allows that as well already (e.g. macro sorcs/locks, AFK necros, bots, that-one-guy-grinding-a-whole-party-in-lhadar-using-5-PCs-on-one-keyboard/mouse, etc.)? I’m not saying it’s OK to do it on TOS since it’s against their EULA, but the problem has persisted since CBT AFAIK. Most bot reports acknowledged but not acted upon. AFK farmers just disconnected but not banned.

The thing with autofarm on ROM is that while you still get to progress, you’ll progress (both exp and silver gains) faster doing quests and going to high level maps and/or partying there (or even doing those “crack” quests, sort of like dungeons w/ OP mobs that give decent exp) which is more than what autofarm can handle.

Still, I understand why some may not like the concept but it’s not much different from TOS’ situation really IMO. At least it’s not considered “not allowed” in ROM and all players get to use the same “feature”.

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Yep, every gamer has their own preferences. Some of my friends are huge mobile gaming fans and they really like the autofarm feature too (They like it so much that they wake up every 3-4hrs just to move to a new area to afk farm). I too got to know ROM when they tried to get me on board a few days ago.

How is the game like as a whole? Still similar to how the original RO is like?

I visited the forums there it seems like the server is plagued with 情怀玩家 (nostalgic super white knights) whose daily chant is 爱玩玩不玩滚 (like play, don’t like scram). Kind of opposite of what we have here lol.

It kind of sets me thinking… If a ROM newbie like me, who didn’t play the game went to the forums, gets turned off by the negative comments and topics there and refrain from trying out the game, aren’t our ToS forums here also give out the same vibe to potential new players who would like to try the game out?

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If you can ignore the “I don’t understand any of this ■■■■” part with quests texts, yes it’s a really faithful remake of the original RO.

If I had to rate the other previous remakes which shall not be named, from 1-10 with 10 as best they’d be -9000 compare to this new one.

I never visited the forums since I don’t understand a thing there anyways and the English Discord group is tons better and super helpful already (plus Clo’s Facebook page and guides).

But I guess you’re right, it’s pretty much same situation here. Still, I think most new players will still try a game out anyways no matter how badly reviewed it is out of curiosity.

The language barrier might a problem though as there’s no English version yet nor an in-game option for translations.

In all this, I think the responsibility and the game’s fate ultimately relies on the developer/publisher especially when it comes to consistency, proper communication, and delivery.

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Good info mate. I really hope RO mobile goes out in english too, and, these ideas will be applied someday here in TOS.

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This would probably kill the game. Now GMs really won’t know if people are actually botting or using an ingame feature.

You might have missed #1 hehe:

This makes it so that no one player can stay in the same spot forever.


The game’s design in clever in a way that it wants you to progress and keep moving from area to area so no one area will be forever full or camped by people (Dina Bee instantly comes to mind).

Still, you will also want to return to those areas to do the “cracks” (they’re like entrances to instanced dungeons in TOS).


i lv47 agi knight in ro mobile now~

so far so good, im finding a way to top up for premium n p2w thingy.
reset is sold at about 10usd each (stat, skill, adventure skill)

yep its a casual game n require little to no handskill whatsoever

i enjoy illegal botting in ro, now i enjoy legal botting in ro mobile.

im making my own multibox 5man team as we speak~

so far, ro mobile seems like all other mobile mmo out there

nothing special, but i having fun.

imho, ro mobile thingy has nothing tos desktop needed.

being a desktop mmo, tos has its own challenge and currently , its own shits to clean up


That makes the game a Rappelz clone. Which is bad.

RO was unique cause EXP and drops were unaffected by the player lvl. Which allowed you to build equipment specifically for one map.

I haven’t heard of rappelz. How did this similar mechanic resulted in that game?

Apart from quest related items, monsters stopped dropping loot and giving exp. It basically forced players to move on. Which was not that much of a problem at the time I played the game cause monsters mostly differed by skin, not by power. Monster lvl was the only thing that mattered.
Since the game also lacked a good crafting system, there was no need to stay with certain types of monsters anyway.

monster stop dropping silver and only drop mat is good

if money is all that matters

you can always

  1. make dungeon drop silver only (increase by 10 or 20times current rate)
  2. make quest drop silver only (increase by 100times)
  3. make pvp/gvg/tbl points exchange for money

anything require human interaction, be the only way to generate money.

this will kill all money bot… and reduces inflation. (though current attribute price is lel)