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Theres something very strange happening on Silute

So, right after the “ban wave”, Silute server has been looking weird…
some people said IMC banned some accounts because “suspicious activities”, because they’re doing something similar to the exploit that happened on our Seasonal server.
I didnt played there tbh, but i heard theres people litterally CREATING items trough Guild Storage. I dont know if this is true, or even how they doing it, but this kinda makes sense, since theres a lot of “rare” items popping on our Server by this week.
For example: Golden Warrior Dog (i guess it was from 2017?) a lot of eggs
Dyonis egg too, and both for unbelievable prices, like 400-500m (i saw myself something like 3 doggos and 5-6 dyonis lol)
2 pages full of Dhalia ichors for 200m (the regular price is something around 300-350m)

Well, i dont wanna accuse anybody, but i really doubt theres a lot of “older players” returning with these extremly rare items by the same time, and selling for the same prices… what a coincidence, huh?
The main reason im doing this thread is for IMC to look forward and confirm if is this legit or not, because theres people buying these items and i bet you guys gonna just delete it and dont refund them…

Dyonis was sold =c

Thanks in advance! =)


tree of bugs <3
happy new year!

People who crashed the entire server just to abuse enhancement system.
People who were/have been/banned for suspicious activity.
And now this…

This can be possible due to leticia rotation etc, but… i mean, c’mon…
pages and pages, and im telling you guys that im tempted to buy dozens! not gonna lie lol


@GM_Francis please look this!

Screenshot from yesterday, when Dyonis was on Market (that was the 4th or 5th lol)

@GM_Francis Look this…

This is a known exploit that existed since October 2020. IMC has been very hush about it and fail to fix it. It also happened in Klai which resulted in a lot of innocent players getting items removed.

Is this that thread all over again?

edit: The thread was deleted by IMC you can only acess via google cache I guess but you can look for “sorien buying everything from the market” on youtube and see the mess.

I remember that day, i was one of the first that awared imc about that.
In Silute wasnt Sorien, but a hacker knowed as “H3lls1ng” (who still play/sell the profit farmed on this day LOL) buying everything. He prolly bought the hack from Sorien tho…

2 pages full of these costumes. Looks like everyone who has it decided to sell togheter xD

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This is a print from today 12:28 pm server time clearly that is something fish happening please looking in it @GM_Francis

It was balinha the barraca Slayer unknown-26

Greetings, saviors!
Sorry for the inconvenience.

If there are any traces of illegal trade, we will restrict right away.


Please publish your investigation result publicly, to restore player’s hope to the staff again.

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only took half of a week, now probably many people bought those items, so idk what you gonna do, but be careful. last time you investigated and wiped some accounts, many still left and people are selling goods for money until now xD

thanks anyway

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I hope that you will find a fair solution and not one that harms those who have nothing to do with it.

They should disclose all ITEMS IMC deleted from innocent players.

If ToS is able to track down and find these fraudulent transactions, why don’t they refund the silver innocent players bought them from the market with?

This pointlessly punishes people who did nothing wrong. If that happened to me I would strongly consider going to my credit card company for recourse.

i feel bad when see other people strong or rich using cheat/hacker or something unfair way
game mmorpg like tos have long run term need time so much and effort and money also
better imc solve this,if not real this hacker/cheat make sure player know that for trust

when no trust
NO reason to play and spending money to broken game, player gonna quit …

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