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There's a fatal flaw with early damage classes

didn we have a topic about this already somewhere somewhen? tho pyro still scales well with icewall + psy combo - sure it falls behind after a while and becomes less significant (specially after you go rune) but its still additional dmg the dmg isn being recycled into zero or anything

plus (taking from a couple videos on youtube) feather can suck his own balls to heal (ya it sounds nasty but its the dirty truth x.x)

Doesn’t the the attribute % damage include the modifiers? It shouldn’t be just the base damage that gets improved with the attribute right?


attribute at 0%:
Base skill 100 damage + weapon 100 damage + stat 100 damage for a total of 300 damage.

attribute at 100%
2 x (100 + 100 + 100) = 600 damage instead of (2 x 100) + 100 + 100 = 400

This has a real impact because end game damage will like more like this:

Attribute at 100%

2 x (100 + 20,000 + 30,000) = 100,200

Attribute at 200%

3 x (100 + 20,000 + 30,000 ) = 150,300

Just making up numbers here but you get the point about scaling.

I don’t know. I hope it is. But as you know, the skill damage value is more often that not the deciding factor. Strongest weapons so far hit for 300-600 and STR/INT scale 1:1 with physical/magical damage.

I hope that’s how it actually is. I know myself and others will be doing lots of damage tests on the founder’s server.

If that’s the case, then perhaps earlier classes won’t be completely obsoleted.

You forgot about the attributes of the skills, do you have them maxed? They usually doubles the dps of your character once maxed. I don’t think you had them maxed, hell, even at halve the potential.

Gotta love all the speculation from new people that are lazy to use search function:

Attribute does in fact acts as multiplier to end damage after all your weapon and character stats and enemy defense are factored in. So 100 skill damage + 200 weapon damage + 300 stat damage with 100% attribute will yield 1200 damage overall. That also explains why multihit skills do not fall off at end-game.

OP mentioned pyro, but Pyros have one of the best multihit skills ingame - fireball and true AoE from flame ground, Pyro C2 > Linker is an amazing combo for soloing.


Ewww xD

Wohoo thread closed.

No knowledge of the game. But sprouting discussions.

Check tosbase pleaes.

Max attribute level 100.
It will enhance most damage… check the big modifier thread… USE search function.

Know enough to remember that attributes scales with other damage modifiers.

And 0 contribution to said thread from you.

These are other attributes.

And yes they scale together with it.
But some scale before def calculations, others after it.
And then again some add simple damage to the end.


Edit: And pssssh some are hidden~

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This has been voiced for some time now. I agree completely.

There has. Been some small efforts to scale abilities, mainly buffs/heals, but most damage classes don’t scale…

No point in 80 classes if you are only solely defined by your final ranks…

Except IMC did that intentionally, they said they want early game classes to fall off so players could make mistakes in class selections early on.

While i disagree with this approach it is what it is.

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^^ this.

can you imagine being level 400 and picking a class and hating it later on? normally you would have to restart the entire character but now all you would have to do is modify your tree.

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It opens up the possibility of high performance low scaling class though.

For example Barbarian.

In exchange for having rather terrible scaling, their skills come with really high skill damage for the level you get them, so during that period you have much easier time leveling than others (and then people complained about it…remember all the “BARB OP NERF PLZ” threads in icbt2?)

So if what you want is to simply level fast/easily, picking/dropping these classes will be better than building based on lv cap.

See this makes me believe you have never played barbarian.

How many players in KR have Barb in their build compare to other classes?

Not that many basically only people building into fencer. The odd shinobi takes it as well. Cataphract is WAY more common lol. Your trying to base your argument on old out dated information.

Long story short every one though barb was OP then they hit lvl 200 and it dropped off like a mofo and people realized it wasn’t very good.

So exactly what I said?

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Yea so whats the issue if every class is like that? im not seeing a problem here.