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There is a best build for PD?

Just a question, there is a best build for PD? I dont mean skills distribution just rank progression,

Right now i have an c2diev3d1 currently main but just because i get Druid instead of bokor at rank6 i feel like my character is missing something, and realy don like The static gameplay from diev so what do you recomend?

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its really depening on if u want support or dps

is possible the new DPS meta for clerics

I recommend you play what you enjoy playing.

I cannot tell what is the “best” build for PD because:

  1. I haven’t played all combinations of classes/skills/stats before PD
  2. Being the “best” is pretty vague, best at what? pve? pvp? afk chatting in town?

You can build a nice PD from a lot of stuff. But I strongly recommend you first pick something you enjoy, and not something someone suggests you just because it’s good at whatever scenario.

Bokors are good combinations with PD because of hex + pandemic + effigy combo. It’s a good combination for DPS purposes, but it’s surely not the best at supporting.

Dievs are good combinations with PD because of ausrine + bloodletting + beak mask combo in pvp. But again, I have no idea if it’s the best PD pvp support build, but it’s surely nice. If you’re not enjoying your current diev, though, I would suggest you reroll right now.

I personally have a Paladin 3 PD 1 that I enjoy a lot. Conviction combos really nicely with pandemic and incinerate.

There are many other combinations out there. But I’m not going to list all of them and I think it’s pretty trivial to predict how your character is going to be given it’s classes progression.

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what u think would be a good choice before paladin?

EDIT: another thing, do u know how this build will be on bosses when R8 comes?

I picked cleric2 -> diev1 on mine because Laima also gives a debuff and my build is actually a STR build (carve attack deals a lot of damage with conviction and leather armor targets).

Cleric2 -> Priest 1 is a good build for any build (physical or magical) but that one circle in priest is mostly just for ressurection which is pretty situational :confused:

Cleric2 -> Bokor I wouldn’t recommend, I think diev brings more to the table with Laima’s cooldown reduction and enemy debuff. Effigy lvl 5 will be too weak and will keep making you think “oh man I should’ve went bokor 3 instead” when you start spaming it as a PD.

Cleric 3 is a very solid choice for a magical (INT focused) paladin. And I think krivis 1 is really underwhelming when compared to cleric 3.

What build? Diev -> PD or Pally -> PD?
I really have no idea how rank 8 bosses will be because they seem to have a stupidly high amount of hp and damage. I think they intend players to team up to do quests past rank 7.

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not really, most dps classes will solo siauliai bosses when rank 8 hits.
some will be powerful to solo pack of mobs (linker>necro/warlock/FF, PDs, druid3, some archer builds)

but being in PT will help a lot

EDIT: gzus, 3 days i can’t do any dungeon or mission cus theres nobody low lvl for it =/ 20 mins alredy and giving up
theres 25 ppl waiting, now 14 and no one lvl 115 =/
and i’m lvl 115 for 3 days now, awesome =/

ill probably don’t even activate token when it ends in 3 days lol

Well I was mostly refering to bosses in quests past lvl 280 because those fedimian mission bosses don’t scale up that insanely (they do go past lvl 280 but they have a more linear stat scaling I believe)

Take a look at this vid, for example (credits to @random19201)

That person doesn’t even scratch those bosses :astonished:

paladin>kabalist2 lol

I don’t think it’s a simple matter of builds. Look at those bosses hp. 1.2 millions.

And a DPS character without safety zone or self-healing capabilities would be obliterated by those bosses massive AoE and damage.

But sorry, let’s not stray away too far from the topic’s subject :smile:

doppel, fencer, dragoon, shinobi>murmilos, krivis>taoist

all these will be able to solo 2mil+ HP bosses when rank 8 hits

duno about others like fletcher (this one too probably)

I’m going:

Cleric 2 > Bokor 2 > Priest > Oracle > PD

Diev 3 is an awesome class to be fair, it just doesn’t have some special relation to PD, it’s pretty good at PvP but too static to me to be honest. Now take a look at the build parts:

Cleric 2 for obvious reasons

Priest brings to cleric 2 what it needs to manage Earth Tower (though Diev statues might suffice), +30% def with aspersion, +30% dex to meelee players, 150+ damage to everyone in every hit and Resurrection, the cleric-like skill I like the most.

Bokor 2 is Effigy Bokor, Bokor 3 is zombie Bokor. Effigy level 10 is enough as long as you go on high attributes for it, Bokor 3 is a whole circle for ~15% more DPS on Effigy, while you wouldn’t probably even go for Hexing 15, which is also a waste, Same and Mackangdal are better at 10 but meh, better to get some cleric utility. It might be so that meta parties on ET got Krivis 3 for Meltsis on Invincibility buffs during bosses so Mackangdal might be very important in the future.

Oracle is the best rank “filler” for this combination in my opinion. Prophecy allows you to spend less points on PD anti-CC skills, which is a big help with the number of important skills PD has. Counter-Spell is very good against magic circles but I still don’t know much about it, still at rank 5 but heard wonders about PvP Oracle for Prophecy + Counter Spell. Arcane Energy for a bit of SP and Forecast because it’s cool.

PD2, the summit, spread your deseases and curses, make them burn, poison them, defeat level 300 mob packs by yourself. Healing Factor became golden. Bloodletting is not so good when you have prophecy because 1 damage ticks makes players uselessly eat healing tiles but Beak Mask looks awesome.

And Disenchant, to me, the Meta PvP skill. Anyone who have played Ragnarok or simply understand how much a simple buff can make the difference can see Disenchant level 10 being used with Frost Pillar for example and leaving PD enemies looking like sh*t.

currently i am building a bokor and i am taking cleric c2, bokor c2-3 and pardoner (for discerning evil making incineration and plague vapor 10 seconds longer)
very offensive pvp build i’d say, dievs are more defensive and supportive if you’re into that.
I’m actually thinking of taking sadhu c 1 instead of bokor c3, for out of body+effigy
and astral explosion seems strong

What about c2bokor1paladin3pd2 ? Conviction seem amazing to spread, barrier is ok i think matk base, turn undead is HK high chance to unholly enemies, restoration for healing buff and sp sustain thats something if i say so…

depends on what you want
if you want to pvp diev/bokor builds seem better, paladin seem more of a tanking/support thing might be good at ET

Already have diev3 druid2 :slight_smile: The other option is c2boko2fillerPD, but i never thougth paladin could work and with conviction + spread theres a good chance for pve , boko1 PD2 is already amazing for pvp

personally i am going for at least bokor c2 PD2
my filler classes are going to be pardoner to make PD’s poison skills 10 seconds longer and oracle for obvious reasons


Please remember this, Incineration level 10 already lasts for 20 seconds with only 10 seconds CD by the time it ends.

Vapours will have a “long” CD (2 overheat means double duration), even with level 5 discerning evil. But if you like lots of points into it, at level 10 you would have 2 charges of ~23,5 seconds of vapours.

Both skills have good enough durations if you put points on them, the problem is discerning evil is one more skill to fit into a support’s rotation.

The main point: Mobs won’t survive enough on parties (which is how you end up playing PvE in this game when not questing) for you to need Discerning Evil.

I thought about taking Priest, Oracle or Pardoner for my 2 last ranks once I was convinced Bokor 3 doesn’t bring enough to the table to compete with those.

Right now the only thing holding me back is Miko, which might be a Rank 6 Hidden Class.

Yeah im leveling my Druid right now just because i cant decide yet my rank 5 and 6 for my Pd… If miko is confirmed good then Pardoner and Miko for me :smile: @moises_andre12

Would recommend looking at viable PD options in my Class/Spec guide.

Link: Xan's Class/Spec Guide

I think there’s not a perfect build for any other class. It’s all about preference and current meta? Maybe.

Plague Doctor in general is a really versatile class where you can find a lot of different combinations. It’s up to you.

Damage? Support? Hybrid?

I would particularly never play Bokor+PD. Why? Because I don’t like Bokor at all. Oh but Bokor is strong and blah blah, alright, I don’t think that’s a fun class to play with.

That said, I would recommend you to find the way you like to build and play to create something good, a build that’s able to go Earth Tower, GvG, etc. Perhaps only PvE, World Boss.


See ya.