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There is a best build for PD?

the main point of this is pure pvp i generally don’t build characters for pve because i don’t find it interesting,
I might get bokor c3 with oracle c1 for my pvp PD, invincibility’s damage can be cured with safety zone
still considering between bokor 3 for more damage or priest 1 for the resurrection
your kinda right on the pardoner part.
Even sadhu looks good at rank 5 for out of body with effigy spam
what do you think of getting sadhu instead of priest for the exact same build you posted?


at rank 8~9 discerning evil will matter less and less as incineration and vapours get to a pretty good duration/CD on their own. Even at PvP a level 15 Incineration, considering duration and base damage, allied with Disenchant can pretty much 1-shot anyone. If you stop Inci at level 5 bc you have DE, 10 more seconds without base damage add ups is just more time for them to search for Heals or Fumigates while taking less damage/second.

Resurrection, +30% dex, +28% def and +150 damage on each tick is a lot considering utility classes will always remain useful, Priest 1 brings a lot to the table. Also gives the build ET viability.

Oracle gives you Prophecy level 5, 1 of Cleric’s god tier skill right now. Blood letting makes you eat healing tiles for nothing since you get 1 damage ticks all the time. So you can have level 1 BL, level 1 Beak Mask, all for situational Disenchants, and simply keep Prophecy up.

Counterspell is awesome, anything that breaks magic circles can make a winner team. From erasing Safety Zones and Healing Tiles to Frost Clouds, it’s all up to how you manage it.

IF Miko is ery good and Rank 6 I might consider taking it instead of Oracle, otherwise I’m set on the posted build.

for pvp purposes, what do you think about sadhu c1 instead of bokor c3 at rank 5?
rank 5 is where im kinda stuck, ill probably go oracle at 6.

sadhu is bad at c1 :confused: go for c2 if you wanna some kind of dps, but acctualy right now isnt worth it

PD can fit with practically all of the cleric tree classes.

you probably will get most out of your PD with a high spt/int/con build

Sadhu is the worst cleric Circle, Effigy has a long range on it’s own, OoB uses too much Safety Zone if you want to use Mackangdal efficiently.

Resurrection is the most OP stuff if you are a good cleric at PvP.

I have been playing at TBL with my rank 5 cleric 2 > bokor 2 > priest for some time and you can’t imagine how much difference you can make with Heals and Ressurections.

Same helps you run faster (got Wind Runner too, so 40 mov speed) so you flee from enemies and resurrect the strongest DPS in your team for example, or some other Priest,.

it just seems to me that w/o lvl 15 effigy it’ll fall off maybe you can confirm how good lvl 10 effigy damage is? (for pvp, pve doesn’t really matter to me)
at the same time lvl 15 effigy is an SP overkill

Best build for PD?

Diev 3.

Wanna troll//be hipster?

Do what u wish.

Sad life, sad balance in ToS :stuck_out_tongue:

preach!!! this is the truth!!!, second in line imo is paladin

aka mini inquisitor aka paladin was suppose to be inquisitor wtf imc :open_mouth:

To be honest Paladin is a sub Pardoner class, doesn’t count as a single circle…

Why ppl no talk about Pardoner classe ?

If you want kill 500k hp mobs easy with PD2, Pardoner 2 is the best to go.

The best combot for a dps PD is, 2 status aliments(krivis 1 + boko 1 exemple)
1 buff for Dmage ower time ( Pardoner), Pardoner 2 increased the duration of all status or burn, poison damage(damage ower time) +20 sec( skill Discerning Evil).

But you will crying lvling a bruld like tat because you need rank 7 for start strong xd, but rank 7 + 40 sec burn is no bad at all.

pardoner 2 is an overkill,
pardoner is good but pardoner 2 is kinda pointless :smiley: waste of a circle
but if you go pardoner 1 its good
pardoner 1 is good because discerning evil lvl 5 is enough to meet incineration’s duration and CD.

I think you built is not bad at all just play up to druid3
you will be a great support Im the one who play diev3 druid but I kinda mess with the rank I took priest1 instead of celric2 which I kinda regret

The new patch druid can be strong and it lycan enhance hp matk patk double
use other skill while transform

but there another built too
boker x pardoner x plague doctor is also strong check out this