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The Wugushi Question

Is Crescendo Bane still worth maxing out?

I vaguely remember seeing some discussion about whether or not it was when the upcoming itos changes were fresh in ktos. Rather than dig through the ktos thread for an answer, I want some answers here.

Also, I’m currently using QS/Wugushi/Arbalester with maxed out Zhendu, Latent Venom, Jincan Gu, Wide Miasma, and Crescendo Bane. I’m probably going to keep Latent Venom maxed because of how reliable it will become after the changes, but if there’s a better skill spread for a “run around and hold down basic attack after stacking Saint Oath” build, I’d like to know.

It was believed that Lv3 Bane is the best dps for Wugu, yes.

I’m not so sure yet, personally.
Most archers roll Ranger-Mergen, and 10+60+50 final damage bonus seems remarkably easy to make Wugu’s stronger poisons hit the damage cap. It definitely varies per content, but Lv2 sounds far more favorable imo.
Capping isn’t that big of a deal though. Lv3’s probably better on things like Musket or Cannon.

Then again, from what I’ve tested so far, Steady Aim w/ bow equipped doesn’t seem to affect poisons. I could be wrong, but I didn’t notice a bump in damage like Crit Shot’s very noticable effect. Idk if any of Musket/Cannon’s weapon-related damage bonuses affect Wugushi, so…

Edit: After testing this idea, either Lv1 or Lv3 seem best for hit count.
Base: 15 hits Gu Pot+Miasma, 10 hits Wugong
Lv1 is 13 hits Gu Pot+Miasma, 9 hits Wugong
Lv2 is 11 hits Gu Pot+Miasma, 8 hits Wugong
Lv3 is 10 hits Gu Pot+Miasma, 7 hits Wugong
More is too strong, but:
Lv4 is 8 hits Gu Pot+Miasma, 6 Wugong
Lv5 is 7 hits Gu Pot+Miasma, 5 Wugong
The only skills that stand to 100% benefit from Bane are Jincan and Latent due to the cooldown being way lower than the uptime of the debuff and their lower sfr.

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