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The Second GM Playdate!


Greetings Friends!
Special message from GM Guava here! :distinguished:

This week (Jan 2 to 4) we held a server-wide GM Playdate! But we understand that not everyone was able to attend, so we just wanted to spend a few moments going over some of the highlights of the event!

First off, we started our GM events by introducing our newest member, GM Pomelo. GM Pomelo is super sweet (unlike what the name suggests) and is more than willing to help you if you have any issues in game.

Next we answered a few questions and boy did we get a lot of feedback!

Here are just some of the questions that were asked server-wide:

  1. What about the random disconnects in Earth Tower and Challenge Mode?

We do apologize for the inconvenience and this is our top priority at the moment. We are working very hard to prevent further disconnects and we are setting countermeasures for these types of problems. The good news is, after the next scheduled maintenance, you’ll be able to reenter Challenge Mode if you get disconnected! You’ll see more information about that in the patch notes.

  1. I haven’t received my monthly Adventure Journal Rewards. When will I get them?

We are currently investigating this issue but rest assured that we will be sending out the rewards. Please make sure to send in a Support Ticket if you are having issues collecting your rewards.

  1. Any updates on the TOS Companion Maker Event? When will Goro arrive?

Well first, click here if you have yet to see our cute little Goro companion preview. Now, to answer the question: we are working very hard to release Goro as soon as possible but it will still take some time to get everything just right (you know, to add all the proper details). We, just as much as you, are waiting expectantly for Goro to arrive! We can’t wait to welcome him to the TOS companion family.

  1. What about other companions? Will we get any new ones besides Goro?

Yes! There are Devs behind the scenes who are already working on other companions. We will be sure to update you at a later date about their progress.

  1. What about new content? When will you be adding more?

Whaaaat? Are you already tired of all the new things we released? Well in that case, you are in luck! Although a date hasn’t been set, our top priorities for new content are to bring over balance patches, improvements to guild events, and Territory Wars. Once these are added, we will, of course, have other plans (like the Barber Shop) but until then you’ll have to be patient.

Of course there were other questions that were asked as well and we are planning to forward them to our Devs in order to get the proper answers (after bribing them with a bit of coffee, of course!)

If you missed our GM Playdate and still have a question you would like to ask, or you feel that you didn’t get a proper answer during the Playdate, please leave it in a comment below!


After our short Q&A we played a short game of Hide and Seek and summoned some nasty monsters for you to defeat! And for dealing with our silliness we handed out some pretty “transformingly” cool rewards! We hope you put them to good use!

Well that’s all! We hope you had a blast with us this week and we look forward to your questions and feedback! And feel free to leave your own pictures from the GM Playdate below.

Challenge portal remove timer to solve dc issue

Can GM Orange teach me how to +100 my equipment? :heart:


The truth is that right now am so into coming back that the only thing that’s keeping me from been on is my current internet is bad for downloading the game again xD

Hmm memory book, this is new to me :3

I need more memory and love books :smile:


I have a question regarding improving the performance of the game:

Are there any plans on implementing an option for your client to hide other players&their summons who are not in your party?

Currently, the main reason for FPS drops and lag/stuttering are calculations towards many targets at once, so by removing this workload from the client, a much better performance could be achieved in towns and enable non-gaming computers to generate better results/prevent client crashes once the FPS drops to 0.

And while we can already disable a lot of extra information (e.g. damage, skill animations,names,HP/SP bars), way more processing power can be saved by gating down other, for you not relevant players& their companions/summons completely.


I believe it is possible to implement, if I remember correctly there’s an add-on that does that…




Developer’s Blog, Sept. 15th 2017

Way too late to the party, but eh
I want to confirm away with how things implemented
Because the actual thing (which happened to the server) is even worse for support Priest.
Being a support Priest was already hard with plethora shops from Pardoners.
And after R9 Patch hit iTOS, Priests’ buffs are completely obsolete.
Were the dev intending to delegate Priests’ buffs to Pardoner totally?

(I mean, yeah, sure. Revive and Resurrection are the main sellpoint of that circle, but who would use that nowadays? Invincibility skills offer better, which, also superior against Stone Skin. But hey at least Mass Heal is damn good :joy:)
Edit : Aaand maybe–just maybe there aren’t quite good contents that requires full support in general :joy: