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The Rangovas Set

Hi Guys!! I was testing the rangovas set and i might be wrong but the amount of HP and Def/mDef extra aren’t right.
Can someone help me understand what’s happening?
we can’t see the amount extra?

I’m not sure what part you’re asking specifically but here goes:

The set gives summons additional hp and def equal to half your own, capped at 30k hp and 6k def. This means they get the full bonus with your character at 60k hp and 12k def.

When I tried removing the set, the summons already out kept the hp and def so I think it snapshots just like SPR damage bonus (pretty sure the damage they took was the same meaning no def loss when set was removed, but not too sure if their hp really stayed the same). Description only mentions HP and def so I’m not sure if the set transfers mdef as well.

EDIT: Also yes, no way of seeing their hp and def changes aside from counting based on the damage they take.


Thank you so much for this, I’ve tried asking exactly this in the Sorcerer Info thread for a week now, but no one confirmed it

Also, as I mentioned in that same thread, there is a way to observe the HP/def/mdef change on your summon that I found:

It is possible to test this if you have a friend. You can try friendly duel each other, then casting summon with/without Swell Brain + Transpose. Tell your friend to target the summon and its real HP bar will appear. For testing def/mdef, simply get your friend to unequip their weapon (so their damage become static instead of a range) and tell them to hit the summon prior/after applying the Rangovas Set and compare the damage.

I’m both poor in silver and luck with the FFL raid so far, so I haven’t gotten my hand on any part of the set. If possible, can you test it and confirm that it does increase (in the snapshot fashion) HP/def/mdef for the summons even after you take the set off?

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Tested and confirmed against HG 370 Tala Wizard’s AoE DoT attack. (because I don’t have friends lmao)

Upper left image is with set equipped, skeletons took 2.3k to 3.5k damage per tick and soaked a good amount of damage before dying. (maybe around 50k hp?)

Upper right image is with set unequipped, skeletons took 4.3k to 6.4k damage per tick and died pretty instantly, I’d say around 25k hp roughly

Image below is with skeletons summoned off screen with set equipped. Then set removed completely before re-approaching tala wizard. I believe they withstood the attack pretty much like they did on the first attempt with the set on. (I also wore the staff here accidentally, but it shouldn’t have affected their def values. They might have gained 5k hp though.)

I had 49971hp 11997 pdef 9779 mdef. Unfortunately I’m not sure if the Tala Wizard’s attack is actually magic or physical, in the tos.neet database it says it’s a “melee” type Magical Attack. If it indeed takes mdef values then that would mean that the Rangovas Set also transfers mdef.

EDIT: In conclusion, snapshot of def and hp transfer confirmed. Best to wear full SPR gear with 60k hp and 12k def/mdef, having con on your dagger might be a good idea (or masinios shield). Unconfirmed if the “pain barrier” effect will snapshot because I see the summons get a 99 sec duration pain barrier that keeps refreshing itself. Unconfirmed if the tala wizard’s attack was actually magic but I’m leaning towards it being the case.

EDIT2: An additional test I did before: unfortunately Rangovas set doesn’t do anything for diev statues (would have convinced me to use Diev3 Miko if it let me have 30k hp owls that take 1 damage). You only need the necklace for a cleric summoner as long as you can heal your zombies or converted mobs (just feed them grass). Sorc doesn’t really need the set, except maybe for world bosses and velcoffer. Necromancer will benefit the most from a full set.

EDIT3: Forgot how much hp attributes I had for the skel soldiers, can’t confirm if the attribute applies before or after the hp bonus from the set. I’m assuming the attribute only works on the skeleton’s base hp. Doesn’t really matter since you’ll always summon them at the same time as archers and archers don’t get that hp attribute.


Thanks for the very detailed test and info. This helps me a lot in deciding whether to pour time and effort into the set, now with all ambiguities set aside.

Just to add more info on your EDIT2, imo the set can be worth it for sorcerers in some cases/builds (especially lower than c3, since they don’t get access to the Salamion healing tick attribute) aside from world bosses and Velcoffer.
I myself play a pure sorcerer non-necromancer build, so all attacks from around usually target my summon only. As a result, my summon dies a lot in CM and HG 370 and boss raids (FFL and refuge), sometimes even before my Summoning skill finishes CD. I happen to have a swordie with peltasta for access to Guardian (x2 pdef/mdef buff) and can testify that 6k def/mdef to 12k def/mdef makes a HUGE difference with its survivability, as my damage intake dropped from 800 each to a mere 300, which is more than half.
I was hunting down this set with the hope that it will save my Devil summon, so I no longer have to walk around being a punching bag when such things happen.


I don’t regret getting the set at all, it’s just that if your devil can survive for a minute to resummon then you don’t need to rush obtaining the set. And people who only put in sorc1 as a filler to their elememe build or whatnot can opt to go without it.

I also tried a sorc3 build but the healing ticks from salamion only did around 3k and it only happened every 10 seconds so I don’t think it’s worth it still. Even with the additional summon damage debuffs from the upcoming sorc buffs, I’d prefer to just use other means like swell arm or spirit shock mdef down or gravity pole 12% def/mdef down etc to boost summon damage.

On the other hand I also just wanted to emphasize how much necromancer needs the set a lot more than sorc or even bokor.

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I see, sorry I misinterpreted your intention in the last comment.

About the sorc3 healing ticks though, I think you were getting only 3k per tick because you kept Salamion skill at low level. The heal per tick goes up by roughly 1k for each level onwards, you can check it from the vid here to see the tick becomes 17k at lv 15
With DM and Guardian Spider Gem, it can reach nearly 20k tick.

From my experience, I find it very potent, though I am not sure whether this tick expands to necro summons (or even better, your teammates’ summons) since I don’t have necro, and don’t know much summoner players around to test it.


Oh that’s good info, I don’t remember the attribute mentioning that it scales with salamion skill level lol. I’ll reconsider having a sorc3 necro3 alt with that, since I already have the set anyway.

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thank you for all the explanation guys!! Now i see the improve!!
My summons are really more resistant!!