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The old problem with control modes


I don’t get it IMC, i need to really express some feedback here, I’m a pretty old player and I don’t know why here, 2019, we don’t have a flexibility to use mouse controls properly, now with scout and re:build I came back to the game, a big time later, and we have the same problems, i can’t play with corsair because the mouse still with that bug that you can’t use your sub weapon when you’re using the mouse mode, and isn’t just that, when you are playing with Nak Muay, with mouse mode, you can’t even move yourself when you’re attacking, your character get stucked, you know what I mean? I really love the game, I have all the Founder’s Acess, i would love to see the game getting better and growing with a great comunity, big numbers of players, but how can we play, if the experience isn’t good? I have to play on keyboard mode wich is pretty bad to aim some skills, the mechanics of this game are incredible, but the experience is really awful, I’m just asking for something that have being asked from a long time ago, fix this ‘modes’ to play the game, you guys have a mine of gold in your hands, just that <3


It might be against ToS but take a look at editing your mouse mode xml to change main weapon to subweapon, it’s not a real solution, but maybe it will help. You might also be able to do something similar with ingame settings, I’m unsure. I use controller and we have plenty of issues too, especially with targeting, it’s awful. When it matters most (Large pvp like boruta) you can’t choose your target well, at all.