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The new ruler-weight thing in the UI is stupid


For real - the progress bar made sense. It was intuitive to look at. This ruler thing is completely pointless and a total downgrade from the last version. For starters, it doesn’t indicate anything. There’s a % written right above it too, which kind of makes the ruler redundant in the first place.

What were you even thinking with this? Its not cute, its not useful, its not informative - and its completely defunct. Roll it back. Put the little progress bar in that slot if you need something - but get rid of this piece of garbage.


I agree, a little bar with the old design would do way better
I get they tried to simulate the weighting scales but c’mon, most of ppl here are weebs who born in the 2000s+ the RO veterans who are past the 25yo are a minority


Agreed. Old one was better, not because I am against change but this new one is confusing af.


Imo the main reason why the new ruler weight UI fails is the “needle/pointer” of the ruler doesn’t even move, nor the background markings shift to display a lower/upper limit (like a weighing scale). The gradual changes in colors also don’t denote much due to the lack of a legend. Hence the entire "graphical interface’ used to display weight confuses players more than it helps.

It is a classic case of giving overcomplicated solutions (overdesign) to a simple problem.

Can we have something simple like this if want to keep the guage and percentage weight?



i want a weight UI where it tells me what item category is contributing to my weight


hey am not a minority D:

whatever food that is :distinguished:


I like it.

It looks nice and clean.


Old one is more friendly.


I don’t even know how it works. I just read the number on it XD

I do agree the original one was perfect and changing it was unnecessary.