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The Grimoire Master

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘The Grimoire Master’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

OOOOOOOOH… a brand new pokemon event!

This seems fun, however I would not have put such an event at the same time as the already time consuming stamp tour.

Stamp tour is easy, and a lot of the stuff you do in stamp tour coincide with this event. There’s challenge, raid, mercenary post, level dungeon, gemstone feud, uphill, saalus, and everything else you can get just by being active. I’m not sure if you actually checked the events or you’re just complaining the first chance you get.

Anyone knows how the Evolve part works?

Yeah you’re right. Stamp tour is just completing stuff you do daily and it’s per team, so it’s quite fast. Grimoire event is per char, so it just depends how many chars you want to focus on. It just takes time at the moment to respec all chars and if you have many you really want those shiny AP coupons for future arts.

Didn’t check yet. I suppose it’s the same as fusion but gives a better mob at the cost of 3 cards instead of 2.

Before anything, well done IMC. It’s natural to assume this was a new take on the monster tamer (or something like that) that, in my humble opinion, was the most boring event we had so far, getting me to give it a shot after retiring. It’s still not perfect but it is quite great, now to some real feedback in some stupid format.

What’s terrible

  • Coin limit - Since each character has a different monster team it doesn’t make sense for to exist a daily coin limit over every coin source. It’s fair for unique solo raid to be capped at 3 coins per character per day but dungeons and missions already have an inbuilt entry cap, many players already have maxed level characters and don’t have a reason to reset their instances with vouchers and it won’t do any harm to let them do it just for the sake of trying to get a new scroll, specially when each character has an individual team and coins can’t be stored. Coin limit is important to prevent uncontrollable farming and would work well in a team based system, character wise it isn’t as effective.

What’s bad

  • Denoptics charging time - Probably only an issue to players with some latency problem, they fire so quickly that you have to already be performing the command to be able to dodge it. The first two beams is the worst of them as they can spawn out of screen (and not sure if that can be even predicted) to often target two bosses at the same time, can be done for the first but the second one is way harder to avoid. It also doesn’t help that these beams do some nasty damage.
  • Shared command cooldown - So far this seems to be the highest challenge within the event, i’d expect player with minimum latency to not be bothered by it but as someone that has some small lag it can make some hazards impossible to avoid. It would make a huge difference for most of players if each command had its own cooldown even if the waiting time were increased by 1s.
  • Lack of information - I’m not completely sure if there’s any place stating that evolving bosses grant them new skills but it isn’t properly stated if it is, this is quite a huge deal as some skills can turn the tide on an instant. Ideally each boss should have their skill list displayed on the grimoire menu but i i believe that information isn’t formatted in the same way as class skills (i’d suppose some don’t even have names). On one side it s nice as it can get the community to test different teams and share information, yet doing so demands a lot of time and commitment to find out that puts the player in a huge disadvantage if it doesn’t work out.
  • "Lightning" rings - The concept ain’t bad, the issue is how their hitbox doesn’t match the effects, the ring radius and how the damage is unforgiving (stage 38+ is brutal). It’s quite a pain if you have a mostly a melee team. Not sure how damage works but it would be fairer to have rings adding up damage stacks and ramp the damage up to the current values at maximum power, this way moving bosses far from each other can be more manageable.
  • Investment and return - The overall investment of coins and time doesn’t feel right when you can’t win it, it seems almost impossible to get a 3★ legend boss and too risky to try out every single boss before assembling a team strong enough to clear the event. Selling a boss means losing a single coin, and that seems fair to some degree, what isn’t fair is to get the same value for a 2★ nor a 3★, 3x and 9x the buying price respectively, that had to be leveled to get any relevance. The way it is set it feels like the best way to be successful is by saving as much coins as possible and build a legend/rare grade only team to have the best odds as they are expected to be stronger by default. It’s hard to get yourself to trying out different bosses evolved when you can’t get even half the coins back.
  • Grades - It might seem like a good idea at first but from the personal experience in the event it feels more like a red herring (major mislead), the actual gain from going for legend (and even rare) grade seems to be less impactful than investing on evolution, further supported by their unreliable appearance rate and considerable exchange cost.

What’s not so bad but could be improved easily

  • Fixed daily reward - It just doesn’t reward you for doing harder stages, not that of a big deal but getting a dumb extra thing (even if just worms) for doing more is always nice.
  • Hazard information - There’s no ingame way to know what they do beforehand, it’s great to be able to read them when they show up but it is likely for them to swipe out the party if you’re not overprepared. Could be nice to have a way to check ingame their effects outside the dungeon itself and be warned of the hazard a round earlier.
  • Command icons - Having the same icon used for all skills doesn’t nothing. Since the grimore menu already uses the bosses portrait it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use them there.
  • Random enemies - The only reason i see for it to be random is for replayability and to not allow players to blaze through it, but that’s not the point of events nor the strength of this one. It feels quite bad to lose a round by sheer bad luck on an elite or boss draw and win in the following attempt without doing anything better as a player nor improving the team.

Neutral things with some relevance

  • Individual grimoire per character - It’s great as it gives players some room for experimentation, but that only benefits those that want to reroll the most they can and those willing to find out different strategies. The major downside on this restriction is that it requires the same boss to be in different characters to be tested together and how it slows the leveling process.
  • Summoning bosses in fields - Just as most said, it is terrible when multiple players have their bosses out in the same map but it’s also quite fun to have a strong sidekick for once. On a completely different note they can be so powerful to be able perform as good if not way better than some characters, this is more significant on low levels as it allows unprepared players/characters to solo challenge mode up to stage 5 with a boss at the same level range (i know because i did). Can’t be sure if that should be a thing.

What’s good

  • Nothing, keep scrolling

What’s G R E A T

  • Obtaining bosses and leveling - The sole fact you can just keep playing the game as usual and be able to partake on the event is superb. It was super annoying, limiting, complex and painful to change when orbs where required, EXP leech is simple, intuitive and fun. Despite that it can be troublesome to have an uncontrollable minion holding enemies away from you when you need them close and still not be able to gain EXP.
  • Fixed selection pool - The worst part of monster tamer was the amount of options you had available to pick and not have a single clue on how good it was. I’d argue that the selection is broader than it should but can’t really complain on it.
  • Daily scrolls - Have some basic handicap to progress daily is enough to motivate any player to keep trying.
  • Hazards and agency - Just for once, being able to do something during a mostly AFK kind of event is just fantastic, even better as hazards can destroy a run if not played around. The only way to improve it is by allowing players to activate the skills at their will (respecting cooldowns of course).

I’d rate this a great event despite most of the points on it being on the lower end, it is a “first edition” after all and most events that had multiple runs had major improvements. For all the harsh overall criticism i do i can’t be in my corner when i see some fine direction and execution done (even if it’s just something as trivial as an event). Well f■■■■■g done IMC, for making a boring event into something enjoyable.