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The Founder Pack is a Done Deal

You’re so blind bro, this is not the about 50$ anymore

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Whoever is against the founder’s pack needs to get off their high horse. You don’t deserve to play the game early before the initial release. You aren’t entitled to it, so stop acting like you are. If IMC decide to open the game early to whoever has the money to pay, then it’s fair, because they didn’t have to offer it at all, and they could’ve just made you wait a few more months instead, but now they are offering an alternative. If you don’t want to play it early, then simply wait. There will be new servers for the official release, so you don’t have to play with the founders. The only thing I could possibly disagree with is the length of the of the headstart, which was announced as 3 months time. If someone were to say that is a tad bit too long, I would agree.


prince mark, danarys, hiei, garfy etc…
you can pay your 50$ or 100$ idgaf, just stop using it to have an argument.
stop waving an imaginary promised 50$ on the forums to be able to tell everyone else to stfu, or gtfo, or wait until june.
right now u havent even paid a single dime.

im just saying, like himiko is saying, 3 months is too long.
that’s all. that’s all. it doesnt affect u paying players at all.
again i dont give a f.
1-2 weeks is all i ask. you get your headstart, u might even be able play on the same server as f2p without breaking it. u get your headgear, u get your tp.
what’s so difficult?

same here

i have money to pay for the founder pack but i wont .
Just w8 till iobt f2p comes out and hope to play with all of you :slight_smile:
ofc im not going to play with fouders … they can rest in peacerino in their ghost town sv! yeeeeeyy!

Do we still debate on this topic? Come on…

I admit this the IMC marketing mistake, it simply a bait or abused players hype feeling to squeeze for profit. We condemn IMC for such act, that’s for sure.

They can commercialise anyway they like, but baseline is not impact to playability.

Because of RO. Most player who persist here despite thinking this is a bad game is due to the wishful thinking that this is a game with the quality on par with the golden time of RO.


Last time I checked, the definition of open and closed beta is:

“Developers release either a closed beta or an open beta; closed beta versions are released to a restricted group of individuals for a user test by invitation, while open beta testers are from a larger group, or anyone interested.”

Anyone interested has the choice of purchasing a founders pack, which will then be used to play ToS in a beta test period to further improve the game for initial release. By definition, it is an open beta.

IMC didn’t lie to anyone, IMC didn’t bait and switch. It’s the consumer’s fault for not understanding what an open and closed beta is to begin with.

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You don’t have to accept the 3 month head start and play the founder server. (I have learned that this is now the official stance).

And again. 3 month head start to what? Bragging rights? Sitting in town with nothing to do?

ToS is not a competitive game (at this point). It’s not a race.

You mentioned, “Choice” and it is not “Compulsory”,
okay we can debate on if it is “Compulsory”, it rather a grey area in definition,
but if you don’t pre-purchase you have to wait 3 months, you can say if it was 3 years and IMC is still right.
3 months or 3 years, it is long enough.
Testing players’ patient to squeeze for profit is not very friendly, it make IMC looks evil capitalism. It is a lost-lost situation for everybody.

I will be a founder package buyer myself, but I just critic that the marketing is just very bad, if this kind of gimmick is tolerated, we just afraid what’s coming won’t be better.

At this rate, I urge IMC to make it right, selling those 3 package as optional basic/standard/premium, let players purchase base on their affordability, and reduce the 3 months wait to maximum 1 month. And I will still purchase for $49.99 package.

The problem I see with this is we know very little about the Founder’s Server. All that they have said is they will add more servers depending on the player base size. Nothing about the Founder’s Server itself besides allowing players to buy-into it on day 1. Is it purely exclusive? Will it be open to public later down the road?

If question 1 is ‘Yes’ - Then the 3 month head start is not as much of an issue. People can still use it as a stance, although it will not be as strong. However; this still splits the community. Which I’m a heavy advocate against. I would rather have a community that is together than have one split because “Hey; I live in the States so I can pay for this!” spiel.

If question 2 is ‘Yes’ - Then the 3 month head start argument against it holds the most ground. As the market will be monopolized and turn down new players, forcing them to go somewhere else. While that might not be a bad thing in itself; it splits your community.

Would like to hear your stances against/for these statements. I like having these discussions with you :slight_smile:

It is true not much is known about the founder server. I doubt IMC themselves know what will exactly happen. Therefore it is hard for them to give us precise decisions.

I am personally against merging server / character transfer whatsoever. If you want to play with F2P players hop on to the F2P server and start fresh like everyone else. The founder server should be just that, a founder server with a more established player base (3 months ahead), where new players who accept they will be 3 months behind (and maybe get help with grind/eq) will play.

What are you talking about? Of course it’s not compulsory(which means mandatory). It is your own choice to buy it or not. This aligns up perfectly with anyone interested. There is no grey spot in the definition.

In addition, it isn’t even a gimmick. Founders packs are getting increasingly common these days in mmorpgs, and it’s your own fault for not anticipating everything that entails under the definition of open beta. IMC needs to make some money regardless as a company, it doesn’t mean they are greedy gold diggers that want to screw over their entire playerbase. Honestly, if someone was that greedy, then they wouldn’t even create a free to play MMORPG in the first place. They’d just create a game that everyone had to pay for upon official release or a monthly subscription. There is so much flawed logic in this community, it’s ridiculous.

I wonder do you read my message clear enough.
Did I anti the founder package? Did I say it is not right to make some money?

Yes, founders are very common, but headstart of 3 months I really never seen. I explained, the wrong Marketing has caused the perception.
It is IMC that has to revise their marketing plan, to balance their concern and consumers’ expectation.

Now, I proof my view is right, Choice B is exactly what I think would be the best win-win situation, I think for both sides.

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Yeap all the people can stop debating now.

Esp people who said all IMC need to do is apologize to appease the crowd.

They apologized, and offer better deals. LETS GO AND FINALIZE THIS ■■■■ AND PLAY!!! 1 month is the best btw cause everyone gets the 1 month instead of a staggered pack.

nobody thinks that not paying anything to IMC is profiting IMC i mean, that’s a fairly twisted way of thinking.

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you got me all wrong.

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it is like competing in a race where runners will run three months earlier. I will not play .

sorry ill tried to read it again but i dont understand.

I was replying to defend you WAYYYY late.

lmao sorry you make a valid point, but that response was hillarious…so much emotion haha. Still at this point i prefer a founder server next week with wipe so people dont go crazy with overpowered players…