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The Early Access EU Server Community Help Topic [Updated 28/3/2016]

New announcement on steam - no EU server from the start but a server transfer for free if there will be one in the future.

Uh…27th April.
But indeed, they should just be clear with it. Like others, i’m waiting until they reveal their plans for EU audiences. I don’t want to find myself holding upon a founder’s pack that i can’t use until further info. We should have those beforehand, to make a choice.

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Thanks, should have seen that.

This is worthless if founders package contents, tp, etc are not transfered.

Well, that was fast.

Yes I just noticed this. They keep posting these at ungodly 6 am hours for me.

I’m updating the OP with this.

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It´s obvious that the TP and all that is getting transfered too…

I think so too, it wouldn’t make sense otherwise. But i guess having a confirmation would be better, just to be sure?

I do remember iRO to euRO transfer and lateron euRO to fRO transfer.
Lost MVP cards, lost zeny, lost godlikes, though they said they wont transfer those.

Dont take anything for granted as long as it is not said exactly that way.

they said they will offer team transfer, I guess that means all your character with their progress and items.
It’s an ok solution, at least I know I can start playing.
It would have been better if they did confirm we will 100% have an EU server in the near future.
I mean from that pie chart I see that europe west + europe east + russia + middle east = 25% while NA is 30% so the argument that EU server is not justified doesn’t really stand (plus many EU ppl didn’t buy the pack yet cause of lack of information)
So the only thing that pie chart proves is that we do need EU server and Latin American Server and possible SEA server.


"[Regional Servers]

We are aware that many players have been requesting regional servers. However, we have come to the conclusion that we cannot create and sustain regional servers based on the data up to this point. Please take a look at the raw purchase data provided by Steam below for your reference.

That being said, we will consider creating regional servers later down the line if we see enough support from those regions. Most importantly, we will be offering a 1-time Team transfer to regional servers if and when they are created. Only 1 Team transfer will be offered to each Steam account."

Looks good to me.

IMC (and most other companies) aren´t the evil that tries to harm you every time they get the chance.

The economy in this game doesn´t work like the one in RO.

Lol, dat PR talk.
Basically, no regional server until they have nothing better to do (or a sh*tstorm hit them).


I didn’t mean to imply that. It is just that there were misunderstandings in the past, thus taking things for granted may not be a good approach.

I would wager that they are trying to also get themselves some time to analyze the numbers too, while also trying to secure the future.

It’s more benefitial for them, but it’s their only response they are willing to commit to right now.

Transfer question was a big thing and we should be happy it’s a possibility. Am I happy that I still have no EU server news? No.

At least now I can play on NA servers with 180 ping in the head start, if I choose so.

Don’t forget the Founders pack will be put on 30% sale in a few weeks. You can check back then to see if any news on EU servers.

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Updated the topic again, with the 30% Founders discount and their official statement over regional servers.

I will keep this topic updated in the following month too if it remains a sticky.

If it becomes too out dated, I’m sure the staff knows what to do with it.


I wonder if we will be able to transfer all of our characters with items, TP points and levels reached to another server by using the “Team Transfer” in three weeks of the new server release ? If so what would happen if another player would create a character with same name in the server I would like to make the Team Transfer, how the conflict would be resolved?

I think that with the 1 - time transfer it doesn’t matter. I mean, why not buying it, when you can’t lose anything?

I’m pleased with their announcement. It’s reasonable. My only concern is that we wont have a nice, clean and smooth start, due to the large playerbase. Well , if they said one server is enough…

I don’t see any discount on steam atm so…