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Thank You IMC <3

Spent 3k TP on the cube to not get a single Archstone Fragment. Never spending a single cent ever again on your game, regards.


Thanks for the money bro - Kim Probably


A game focused on pay to win mechanics and dying every day, it was not to be expected such a thing, my feelings for u bro

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Each leticia item drop rate should be made available in the website. But hell yeah, IMC said no, im gonna make this game pure gambling lottery pull den.

I’m glad. You’re one of the people who make the stupid cube being actually a profitable idea


theres always this one new guy whos having his first time entering gacha universe, failed to get high tier item and posting his first post here to cry and threatening imc he wont buy gacha cube ever again lol
this post kinda lame
you should be glad its 3k tp, not 3k$ of tp
meanwhile i spent 700$ in another game gacha and still cant get the new loli character

I think rates are same as sole hunt from last time?

Way lower, but I’m only guessing.

Might be wing drop rate.

You just didn’t spend enough

I have same fate as you. Spend and top up 4,500 coin . Hahaha not even get single egg , arch, or wing

black market exist bro…

Well, last time i give anything to them. Not only was i refused any kind of help with a wrong purchase, but the difficulty level of thier gatcha’s drop rate is insane and it’s littered with trash items nobody wants. So yeah… It’s sad what direction they’re heading to.

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They headed in that direction because it has been proved to be more profitable. As making horrible time-gated and luck-based mechanics and giving a chance of a possible way out for money is alluring enough.
It’s not as if people in this same forum didn’t warn about it…but as long as whales keep spending, there is not much to do about it.


Instead, you could help a Russian-speaking group on TOS

The drop rate is lower than the wings themselves.



It’s not THAT low. With every person that didn’t get it in 500 boxes, there’s also a person that got it in 20 boxes.

I’d think the rate is around 0.7% per box (as S-Rank is around 10% going by previous statistics and there are 13 S-Rank items).

That means you’d get it once per 142 boxes on average. That’s around 1290 TP.

But yeah, if you just get those boxes for the arch fragments you’re bound to be disappointed as this is all about luck. If you spent 1280 TP and didn’t get any then spending 10 more TP still only gives you a 0.7% chance to get it.

i never believe in scenario of chance % in game even when they add info about it like how they add %chance in genshin impact gacha. just because a coin is two sided (50%) doesnt mean you can certainly get a head by doing only 2 throw. with more it just means more test for your luck.

also its software codes, human made, modifiable, you cant tell they play tricks on you cause its unreal. some sh*tty money oriented jerk devs can track your monthly spending, marking you as gambling maniac and drop this % chance just for you, who knows.

also if this poster really quit because of this he wouldve get out crying from las vegas because he spend 1k$ and broke, meanwhile those guys inside spend 100k$ and still got nothing but loss, only joy of gambling. you shouldve understand the consequences before you step in for the game.

It helps people to estimate the minimum amount of cash they need to spend to get their desired item. I believe displaying the item drop rate is a good practice to warn users what shithole they are gonna go into. However, some people don’t understand the actual meaning of probability, and treat it as “i will get or i will not get” numbers and keep spending blindly because dev tell them it will drop at certain percentage. Totally agree with your view not to believe the %chance, because math don’t lie.

GI display drop rate because it is a requirement by china gov to combat gambling addiction. Sort of like displaying the cancer picture on cigarette box. Same like in korea and japan, drop box has displayed %chance. Western dev or steam game dev don’t bother to put this because why a drug lord need to remind drug addict that doing drug is bad.

there are different weights for items in the same grade, probably. Arch frags should be way lower than 0.7% per cube

this is korean game.
if they add %chance to ktos cause they have to we will see it here too cause we are copy of ktos.
we have same dev, korean devs. the diff is ktos published by nexon.