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Text typo and genderbend

Its the quest in Seinakal Graveyard

QUEST_LV_0100_20151001_009018 Tell him that it’s hard for you (Tell her) <-- actually I’m not sure with this one …can you check it?
QUEST_LV_0100_20151001_009019 Tell him that you will purify the dead ones by destroying the coffins (Tell her)
QUEST_LV_0100_20151001_009020 Tell him that you will search for the grave keeper (Tell her)
QUEST_LV_0100_20151001_009021 Tell him that it will be better to untie it himself (tell her / herself)
QUEST_LV_0100_20150729_007725 As Juta heard that the barrier was unlocked, she wants to go there and check it himself. (herself)

QUEST_LV_0100_20151001_008764 If the shaman doll attacked the sacred object, then it means it detected an eveil enery. (evil energy)

I’ll post more if I encounter it later in quests …thanks in advance for fixing

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Hey there,

I fixed this on Github. Thanks~


Oh hey it’s Spadow!
Thanks for helping out making this game better :smiley:


I noticed your fix a while ago being merged in github, thanks.
but you missed out a tiny bit of error in there
QUEST_LV_0100_20151001_009021 Tell her that it will be better to untie it himself <- this need to be herself

Should’ve told you to correct in before it being merge, my mistake

QUEST_LV_0200_20150323_004570 (Female npc) > change I will find his luggages to her luggages

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ETC_20150714_012515 Ask him why he has come here (<- her, she )
ETC_20150714_012516 Ask him what you should do to release him (<- her, her)

QUEST_LV_0200_20150714_007997 Tell hiim that you would obtain the guide stone of the wisdom (hiim typo)

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QUEST_LV_0200_20151001_009449 But, there’s more than ony way to skin a cat.{nl}We can make caltrops using the old prison fragments.{nl} <- (typo: ony -> one) - typo: orsa > orsha

QUEST_LV_0200_20151001_009528 - I will give you the message (need to change to “I will deliver the message for you” , as reference - 서신을 전해 주겠다고 한다 )

…more like better check all the text around that map area, its kinda weird, unless I’m wrong …lol (around stogas plateau)

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QUEST_20160723_004066 Event Notic Board --> ( notice without an e )

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ETC_20151224_019419 Pendulum is no reaction{nl}If you want to uses it then collect the clue killing monsters --> has no reaction or is not reacting , use it then collect the clue by killing monster

ETC_20151224_019420 Pendulum gaind from monsters is reacting to something{nl}You can find the hidden item to use Pendulum --> gained

ETC_20151224_019421 Pendulum lost the power{nl}If you want to reuse it then find the clue killing monsters --> lost its power? prolly? ,by killing monsters (same place as above)

Gender Bender:

QUEST_LV_0300_20160811_003423 Sarma came running and laughing like a crazy person when she released the poison on the researchers.{nl}We couldn’t escape and ended up like this.{nl}

QUEST_LV_0300_20160811_003424 Sarma made that poison by accident after failing time after time…{nl}This could have been her plan, for all we know.{nl}

QUEST_LV_0300_20160811_003425 What worries
me is that she was headed to where the villagers are.{nl}They all helped
in Sarma’s research and now they could be in danger. Take the antidote,
just in case.{nl}

Sarma is a guy, need to change that, Search Sarma in QUEST_LV_0300 around 001579 - 001619, 003423 - 003475 and change every one of those gender bender

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Thank you for your contributions, I’ve gone ahead and pushed your fixes along with others that I’ve found to Github. ->


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more typos

QUEST_LV_0300_20160718_002556 Those monsters were more dangeours than I expected…{nl}Lucky you could defeat them so easily, traveler. --> dangerous

QUEST_LV_0300_20160718_002558 Maybe… you don’t what we do exactly. > Maybe… you don’t know what we do exactly. (add that ‘know’ maybe?)

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wrong description for salad and sandwich (the item that you get from lv238 quest in ibre plateau)
it should be 10 minutes, and not 10 seconds


UI_20161107_002410 {@st66d}Reset Preview{/} <— extra
UI_20161107_002411 {@st66d}Finalize the Purchase{/} <-- its better to shorten it to use “confirm purchase” …since

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Thanks, unfortunately IMC hasn’t updated the Github repository yet. This will be after the next content update this month. I will fix this once it is deployed.

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yeah, I noticed that

also look into ETC_20160603_021864 until ETC_20160603_021965
it just the
x TP [Event]
Use to obtain x TP.
thing which is missing …which makes the ingame turns into nodata
pretty easy stuff …haha

[details=or just paste these]ETC_20160603_021864 1 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021865 Use to obtain 1 TP.
ETC_20160603_021866 2 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021867 Use to obtain 2 TP.
ETC_20160603_021868 3 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021869 Use to obtain 3 TP.
ETC_20160603_021870 4 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021871 Use to obtain 4 TP.
ETC_20160603_021872 5 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021873 Use to obtain 5 TP.
ETC_20160603_021874 6 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021875 Use to obtain 6 TP.
ETC_20160603_021876 7 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021877 Use to obtain 7 TP.
ETC_20160603_021878 8 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021879 Use to obtain 8 TP.
ETC_20160603_021880 9 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021881 Use to obtain 9 TP.
ETC_20160603_021882 11 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021883 Use to obtain 11 TP.
ETC_20160603_021884 13 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021885 Use to obtain 13 TP.
ETC_20160603_021886 14 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021887 Use to obtain 14 TP.
ETC_20160603_021888 16 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021889 Use to obtain 16 TP.
ETC_20160603_021890 19 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021891 Use to obtain 19 TP.
ETC_20160603_021892 23 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021893 Use to obtain 23 TP.
ETC_20160603_021894 26 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021895 Use to obtain 26 TP.
ETC_20160603_021896 29 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021897 Use to obtain 29 TP.
ETC_20160603_021898 33 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021899 Use to obtain 33 TP.
ETC_20160603_021900 34 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021901 Use to obtain 34 TP.
ETC_20160603_021902 35 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021903 Use to obtain 35 TP.
ETC_20160603_021904 36 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021905 Use to obtain 36 TP.
ETC_20160603_021906 37 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021907 Use to obtain 37 TP.
ETC_20160603_021908 39 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021909 Use to obtain 39 TP.
ETC_20160603_021910 44 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021911 Use to obtain 44 TP.
ETC_20160603_021912 49 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021913 Use to obtain 49 TP.
ETC_20160603_021914 66 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021915 Use to obtain 66 TP.
ETC_20160603_021916 75 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021917 Use to obtain 75 TP.
ETC_20160603_021918 82 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021919 Use to obtain 82 TP.
ETC_20160603_021920 89 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021921 Use to obtain 89 TP.
ETC_20160603_021922 99 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021923 Use to obtain 99 TP.
ETC_20160603_021924 113 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021925 Use to obtain 113 TP.
ETC_20160603_021926 115 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021927 Use to obtain 115 TP.
ETC_20160603_021928 132 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021929 Use to obtain 132 TP.
ETC_20160603_021930 133 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021931 Use to obtain 133 TP.
ETC_20160603_021932 148 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021933 Use to obtain 148 TP.
ETC_20160603_021934 165 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021935 Use to obtain 165 TP.
ETC_20160603_021936 198 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021937 Use to obtain 198 TP.
ETC_20160603_021938 231 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021939 Use to obtain 231 TP.
ETC_20160603_021940 297 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021941 Use to obtain 297 TP.
ETC_20160603_021942 330 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021943 Use to obtain 330 TP.
ETC_20160603_021944 379 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021945 Use to obtain 379 TP.
ETC_20160603_021946 445 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021947 Use to obtain 445 TP.
ETC_20160603_021948 495 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021949 Use to obtain 495 TP.
ETC_20160603_021950 660 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021951 Use to obtain 660 TP.
ETC_20160603_021952 990 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021953 Use to obtain 990 TP.
ETC_20160603_021954 1056 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021955 Use to obtain 1056 TP.
ETC_20160603_021956 1320 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021957 Use to obtain 1320 TP.
ETC_20160603_021958 1650 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021959 Use to obtain 1650 TP.
ETC_20160603_021960 1980 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021961 Use to obtain 1980 TP.
ETC_20160603_021962 3300 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021963 Use to obtain 3300 TP.
ETC_20160603_021964 6600 TP [Event]
ETC_20160603_021965 Use to obtain 6600 TP.[/details]

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The sentense looks pretty weird to me

ETC_20161107_025708 Failed parsing the info from laucher command line ( launcher ?)

ETC_20161005_025353 The minimun silver price for registering Enchant Scroll on the market ( minimum)

ETC_20161214_026327 Do you wish to cancel your participation registeration? (registration …rather could just delete that registration totally…right? or is it?)

ETC_20160811_024048 Do you wish to delet the location{nl} at {MN}? (delete)

ETC_20160811_023943 Perhaps this indicates the time whn the King’s Stone Statue will appear? (when)

ETC_20160718_022527 {MONSTER} is being summoned.{nl}It will be sumoned in channels 1 and 2 at West Siauliai Woods and Lemprasa Pond in 5 minutes.{nl}Our power is not enough to stop it. (summoned)

ETC_20160718_022057 A Lavenzard appeared{nl}as you try to destroy the scultpure
ETC_20160718_022058 A Lavenzard appeared{nl}as you try to destroy the scultpure

ETC_20160520_021799 Material for transcending accessoires. (accessories)

ETC_20160425_021750 Bot detection system frunction used for 1 (function?)

ETC_20151224_019418 You’ve failed to destoy the barrier stone during the limited time (destroy)

ETC_20151224_019372 You’ve misattakced {count}times!{nl}Attack with timming of shining light

ETC_20151224_019358 You’ve successed move the Magic Concentration Orb to the Magic Dector District! (You’ve succeed moving the etc etc ?)

ETC_20151224_019332 You’ve stoped the Wind Control Device (stopped)

ETC_20151224_018585 Attack to Fencer Sword Pell with the timming (timing?)

ITEM_20161214_013227 The silver bar hidden by the prisoners in Ashaq Underground Prison. Can ben added to your collection. ( be )

ITEM_20161214_013267 Completeted Sword Pell (Completed)

ITEM_20161214_013225 The note that has the inscription of the ring that a wandering soul on Letas Stream was obessessing over. Can be added to your collection.

Stop here for now …too lazy to continue

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I will take her?

archeologist alruida is a girl
" Tell her that you will bring it "

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Ok, I do not know where to get them script placeholder code thingie but I guess I’ll leave this here. It’s from the Thaumaturge C3 Class Promotion quest.


Seem like it string out gibberish

@merru @nanozander Thank you. I’ve submitted a pull request ( fixing the issues you’ve posted.
Any other typos or misinformation related to dialogue, string and quest info can be put in this thread.

I do not know why that appears @merru