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Text typo and genderbend

system fault I assume, …I better report it to imc instead

Seems like TOS version of the Konami code

↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A

ITEM_20161018_012753 Morningbird Tail <-- Mourningbird Tail
ETC_20151224_019613 You’ve btained the black material that Edmundas mentioned{nl}Hand it over to Edmundas <-- obtained

QUEST_20150323_001677 Is Vietos Gorge a masterpiece of the goddess or a marvel of nature? {nl}The limestone stairway in the southern area is shining with spring water and looks fantastic. Vieta Gorge

I’ve sent a Pull Request for the 3 recent lines posted.
Thanks again for these. :smiley:

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Thanks, it seems to me like there’s a lot of missing text after the recent update =.=;.
Must be because they changed the quest a bit.

Yeah, upon the latest update some lines have gone blank( due to an error) and will return NO_DATA strings in game, I’ve been told not to worry about these for now. They will be fixed soon. :smiley:

Minor stuff …if its still didn’t fixed yet

QUEST_LV_0300_20161005_006090 {nl}Evne a small clue is a big help. {nl}I will tell the others what we found here. Could you look for that mysterious man? (Even)

QUEST_LV_0300_20150908_000208 You’ve failed to collect pertification powder! (petrification)

QUEST_LV_0300_20151001_000257 That I will be the soure of magic of the integrator.{nl}How did I come to forget this… (source)

QUEST_LV_0300_20151001_000350 The parts aren’t well secured.{nl}We should obtain some kind of straos from monsters nearby (straps)

QUEST_LV_0300_20151022_000643 You should’t want salvation that easily.{nl}Think about what you’ve done for the Divine Tree before you {nl}request something from the Divine Tree. (shouldn’t)

QUEST_LV_0300_20151224_000684 Of course I won!{nl}However, I said I dropped the necklace I recieved as evidence from the guy into the sea.{nl}

QUEST_LV_0300_20151224_000694 The last contact we had was receieved from Fasika Plateau.

QUEST_LV_0300_20160310_001356 This is not just related to the monsters. There must be a different reason.{nl}I will investigate this seperately. Can you ask people here if they saw anything strange?

About some of the books in game
the word doesn’t fit …since some of them is too long (like the one below)
I wonder is there anyway to make all of them fits

Some of the quests having these problems,
…but it didn’t appears in the language data …which is weird

I really want to ignore all these, but …its just too damn annoying

All these " " is just too damn annoying when reading the quest …

See how many that damn thing in the file…

Also fix the typo, its like people who did this job just copy the whole thing then just paste it in the languagedata without editing

It wasn’t this many error before

Please, fix it…

@STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Ines

Please, thanks in advance

ETC_20171128_031018 Rooting Chance <-- Looting Chance