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Telsiai Goodbye Market Sale


All items are trans 10 (except masi mace). 20%-50% off of what was cheapest in the market.
Cards are all Level 10.

Also selling this sword. Don’t be afraid to PM me for offers. It stays while my token lasts.

**If you want to offer for lower prices do not be afraid to pm me in forum or game(if I dont reply, better pm on forum)

Just for record’s sake:
+11 T10 Solmiki Leather Boots x1
+11 T10 Solmiki Leather Pants x1
+6 Solmiki Leather Medal x1
+6 Solmiki Leather Bracelet x2
+11 T10 Solmiki Leather Armor x1
+9 T10 Solmiki Leather Gloves x1
Lv9 Abrasive x1
Lv8 Gems x5
Lv10 Zaura x2
Lv10 Gazing Golem x9
Lv10 RIkaus x9
+11 Velcoff Dagger x1
Popup Soccer book x1


noooo! dont quiit!


I was already on the verge of quitting (literally doing nothing but afk in town/help randoms in velc/dg/etc)

Then rebuild is just like Ragnarok Renewal, it’s not my cup of tea, and I’m leaving completely.

Dota 2, RO Mobile and MHW are just better games for my free time, sadly :<

I was expecting something better from IMC, not this.

and I already gave away some wings to friends via my private event on discord lol


I know this is a market thread, but it’s sad to see you go. :heart:


no prob man, despite all the hate I have,

I can’t deny the fun times I had with tos, specially back on CBT1&2.


Despite your “hate” you made important contributions. Even as you said, you were helping people til the end. :slight_smile:


Thanks for you gimmicks and achievement guide!

Best of Luck to you in all your endeavors…


First batch sold out, second one up.
Mostly just outdated items but still 20-50% cheaper.

+16 Velc Sword c/o is 350m.
Ichor no offers yet.

(first post updated)


@Lostac hello sir is the +17t10 still available ill buy it immediately


Sorry for the late reply.

Everything is sold out (I didn’t post the others, just sold directly in market since they’re lv10 cards only) and I still have one last batch of blessed gems I haven’t given out yet because the winner didn’t claim it yet.