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Teleport farming

  • Server : SEA old server

  • Team Name : Turn << not sure is team name or player name ,i just play this game less them 1 week , this name show in list after i right click that guys

  • Location : Alembique Cave

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 6:41am just now (my time GMT+8 from last night 11pm 13-8-2020 i saw that guys teleport farm , just now i log in 6:43pm 14-8-2020 that guys still teleport farm at that map )

  • Evidence : do u saw player teleport here and there for farm in game ? they dont run! they teleport ! no countdown no range limit no class limit,no pick drop item , just teleport here hit and teleport gone again . this is not the first i saw but is the first one of them that i can click and view information, the rest of them too fast ,some of them dont even saw the character just saw the monster and drop item . what u want from me ? if i can show u that hack why dont i use it ?

let me predict the future for you!

GM_francis will ask you to make a video evidence of it to investigate it

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Saw the same thing down in demon prison district 2. Two characters blinking in and out without cd. What class are these?botReport

Expecting IMC to not do anything about these. So why not just legalize a plugin that allows normal players to auto-grind.