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Tel Harsha for Healer

Hi Saviors,

For Tel harsha, have anyone tried clearing it with 4 assisters? If so, what is your assisters line up and what stage of tel harsha you manage to clear?

I struggle to even clear stage 1 atm, and i only main healer, so no dps :frowning:

Stage 4 - Priest - Kabba - Oracle

Tanta 3, Succu 2, Ignas 2, Nuaele 2
Sometimes I bring Sciaclipse 1…

All 400+

3star Tantalizer is super strong…I kinda think 4 of them would easily take it down lol… but I don’t have space for 4 tanta…

Ignas is strong but dies fast…

Even tho you have to heal them anyway Nuaele still makes it a bit easier to keep them alive for me.

Also you have to heal them constantly with target heal because it gives them more damage…and as I know that bonus damage also depends on your heal amount.
Little orbs appear around them when you heal them and with 5 stack a blue aura thing.

It also depends on your build unfortunately…because (I didn’t rly paid attention to their damage but) I guess my gevura and death sentence both helps.

With a diev build you can heal them faster tho and I guess sp management is more comfortable too.

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I usually do with Kugheri 3, Tantalizer 3, Ignas 2, Froster Lord 3 all 440+ with Oracle Diev Priest. Stage 4.

Ohh i didnt know we can use 4 assister … is it only for cleric class?

very dumb question, but how do you heal you assister?

Using heal without an attribute on.
Only works on stage 4 or below

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I actually find Tel Harsha much more fun at stage 4 using an assister. Feels like the old assister events but more interesting. Like pokemon, but you as the trainer actually influence the fights.

That being said my line up is Mirtis (3 star), Tantalizer (3 star), Froster Lord (3 star), & Mandara (3 star, 2 star preffered).

Froster Lord does much more damage then Tantalizer, but he is also much squishier.

The healing class I use for stage 4 are Priest-Diev-Plague Doctor.

its like having pokemon go raid bosses lol

I didn’t know either because you don’t get the option when you start… Since I can clear assister dungeon 40 while afk with mine and can’t do Tal Harsha solo with DPS I’d be interested in that too.

My Lineup is 3* Tantaliser , 2* Nebulas , 2* Ignas and 3*Asiomage. Quite stable.

I did a quick record to show my runs.

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i use Zealot-Diev-Oracle/Kabba.
Ignas2*, Froster Lord 3*, Solcomm 3* and Nebulas 2*.
Blind Faith+Immolation and let Nebulas destroy this big nose guy

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Assistors dont crit (at least Mine dont) blind faith is useless

Wow I just tried this and it actually works! My DPS with level 440 equips can’t kill him, but with healer it works fine. I used Tanta 3*, Succubus 2* and Boruta 2* (plus Nuaele but it was a waste of a slot since you can do the healing yourself – next time I’ll add another DPS assist for faster clean time).

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Tried it but my Assisters sux haha … tooks a long time to damage but we’re not dying XDD

By the way, Tel Harsha can be ToFed, it wipes roughly 2% at stage 1 per 30s or so. This should really speed up the process.

I watched you vid, my assists are around 410-420 and I can only clear stage 1, so it seems 420 to 440 give them a lot more power. I will continue leveling them to make life easier.

they can crit, but the damage doesnt show in yellow, at least mine Nebulas deals a ton of Critical hits

Tant3, Boruta 3, Skia2, Froster Lord 3 :slightly_smiling_face:

Froster 3 - tanta 3 - solcom 3 - Succub2
Doing fine, 18k healing power, even with no diev(its kinda meh)
1 you need to heal them to buff their dmg, 5 stacks and the Blue aura ring;
2 healling power its strong as fck there, more u have more dmg they do;
3 severty also works on them;