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TBL vs Duel WTF is going on?

Why characters function so differently from duel and TBL?

My current char its great on duels but its utter crap on TBL, they should change it, either that or I’m missing something.

some skill have different effect on tbl also sfr

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Is not just that, seems damage calculations are completely different.

TBL= PvP map
Duel = Not PvP map

So besides the skills modifications and set stats restrictions what else changes? Seems like auto attack builds are lame on PVP maps then, and quite nice on non PVP maps.

Weird thing is, Gem stone feud is also a PVP map and still seems to work diferent than TBL aswell, my character can actually do damage on that map.

Pvp rule is a mess… they may not standardize this until humanity reach mars by foot.

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Additional damage is nerfed to 10% on PvP otherwise it would be op

casual Duels don’t count as PVP areas.Only GTW,TBL,Gemstone Feud are PVP areas.
i think Gemstone feud as some extra rules (The Uniform mode has specific changes alright.)… not sure about the nomral mode

Because of the Two different Damage Scaling System.
Literally every skill and every Equip Stats/set Stats in existence must have separate PVP codes separately which makes it a hell of nightmare if your talking about Balance.

if you take the patch notes in the last 3 Years , there are literally 1000s of changes in PVP for seperate class/skill/equip etc…u need to DIG DEEPER inside to find if your class or skill is working normally or not.

but at this point in time, Not even God knows what is working right in PVP or not.
like those times when the LEGEND JEWEL ENCHANT pvp damage was not working for many years in the past where nobody noticed or cared until one day they put in a small line in between the 1000s of lines of patch notes.
Or that one time, when an OP skill they forgot to nerf for 1 class which killed everyone in 1 shot. some things in PVP are deeply hidden till date cannot be found even after 100 years…

The stance on PVP in TOS still remains the same as it was in 2016.
TOS is a PVE game.(90% focus on PVE ,10% on PVP)
if your playing for the PVP, then u choose the wrong game.(thats what they said to me).

IIRC tbl has a debuff that makes your character’s defense weaker the longer you stay in the match. You can’t use big potions in tbl too. Buffs
duration is halved as well. You can join a guild that does tbl contents and they might teach you the rules.