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Synapse vs Hydraquarium [Orsha]

We (Synapse) just declared war on a guild called Hydrarium because they falsely accused us of “buying” our templar. proofEven though our Templar was on the top 10 rankings along with 5-6 other of our members entitled “Whale” and “Vape”.

Now that we have declared war they have removed their guild tower. This system seems stupid. And before they accuse us of removing our tower, that’s not true, It just expired.

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Just an FYI, people don’t really care about any Guild drama, especially considering PvP right now is a joke. Guild vs Guild is so unbalanced the only sane reason to participate in it is to get a laugh or screw around. I don’t know how anyone could take it seriously right now.

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Guild baby makes a post about his guild drama on forums because he thinks the entire community of Tree of Savior revolves around his guild and his drama.

Jesus Christ.

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PvP makes the game more interesting!

A lot of people enjoy reading guild v guild drama and taking part of it, you’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

Guess this should be in the guild war deceleration section though rather than general:

Full pvp chars being wiped by full pve chars and coming to the forum to cry about how they get their tower destroyed easily.

You should complain about things like being able to change channel while being wiped, like I’ve seen most of the Synapse members doing on the Dullahan respawn place.

You guys started a war and lose easily, now just make a favor to everyone and stop trying to find excuses for your failure.

The fact that you think they are using TP to revive just shows how innocent you’re about PVP in that game. You get a third option of revival in the same place you died when your guild have a tower. You would know that if yours wasnt destroyed already.

So, again, just make a favor to everyone and stop trying to find excuses about your lost.

Your guild got wiped live, doing stream, and lost your tower. Thats a fact. You guys running away and changing ch in Roxona trying to survive and using the FPS drop of the Dullahan as a method to get some advantage just shows how weaker you guys are. Staying in a map full of corridors as the only way you have to use properly your ice wall shows too how limited are your PVP skills.

Just to end the discussion: Getting your members to change the build to a full PVP build and still getting the ass kicked against a full PVE guild is just funny.

And the part about not dying much is funny. Its even wrost losing the tower without dying than losing after dying, haha.

As it was said before, we’re a full PVE guild, we didnt asked our members to change their builds to full PVP just to try not die. And that being said, the PVE builds means we dont waste our time running after PVP, we waste our time leveling.

There is no discussion. You guys started the war and you guys lose your tower to a full PVE guild. And no revives? Thats a funny thing to ask, since your guild cant revive with your tower destroyed, haha.

Anyway, go try level your char with that PVP build and, AGAIN, stop trying to find excuses in the forum.

Wait what? everyone needs a guild tower to revive? how does those non guild people revive D:?

Who changed into a different build for PvP? Pretty sure everyone levelled with the exact same build they’re using now, no stat/skill reset potions used.

Pretty sure this ends the discussion.

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came here to read on guild building,
end up with juicy guild drama tee-hee emote

Yeah it has been pretty entertaining for me as well though I haven’t really had the chance to play past week.

All I can see is a guild full PVP that lost the tower, which means they lost the war. That must be sad, being the only guild wasting chars with PVP build and losing a war to a PVE guild.
Soon, when everyone get a secondary pvp char in the server, you guys are just going to be the amateurs that decided to make pvp build before getting decent level/items. The low level full PVP guild that win battles to make videos but lose the wars live streaming, HAHAHA.

EDIT: Just another thing, its HILARIOUS to see the guy filming the battles always with a quest with instant teleport to run, and also the teleport scroll and the Warpstone in the hotkeys, huahua. Should’ve edited that, at least would be able to run from the fact that you guys always teleport and run when are without the full PVP Cryos.

Waiting to see your videos or streams. Give the people what they want :wink:

When you guys trash talking to each other you guys need to state which guild you belong to. Is hard for outsiders to understand which sides you are on.

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Just watched the video… seems like this Hydrarium guild got completely destroyed…

All I can see is a guild full PVP that lost the tower, which means they lost the war. That must be sad, being the only guild wasting chars with PVP build and losing a war to a PVE guild.

All I see are Hydrarium getting rekt, and the salty tears of andre_luiz_gomes.

Why should I cry, since we destroyed their guild tower already in the first day of war? The point of the war is exacly that, haha.
Weak guild, full of people under level 200 that cant level properly. The only thing that make them win any fight is because their guild is made of PVP chars and for some reason level doesnt count much in the PVP of this game.

Sadly, a weak char level 195 full CON that cant even kill a mob of his level will be better for PVP than a char with a PVE build.