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Svalphinhas Forest No elevator


Date and Time: 04/01/2019 02:14 (GMT)

Server Name: Fediman

Team Name: RaisingTheBar

Character Name: Hugo

Bug Description : I’m trying to get to Timerys Temple and this is the only route i can take, however there is no elevator to get to the other side of the map in Svalphinhas Forest. I wait there for minutes and still no elevator appears.

Screenshots / Video :

Game Control Mode : Keyboard


  • CPU : Intel i5 6th Gen
  • RAM : 8GB
  • Graphics Card : Intel HD
  • Storage : 2TB HDD
  • OS : Windows
  • Internet Connection : 100 mbps
  • Country, Region : Birmingham, UK



This elevator is bugged and only works one way (from bottom to top). A workaround is to go to the southeast of the map, there’s a small spot where you can “drop” to the lower part of the map.