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Suspect Account in Silute

  • Server : Silute

  • Team Name : Knabbenn

  • Location : Klaipeda City

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 22:25 (BRT )

  • Evidence :

Could you please verify this player’s account and the source of the weapon he uses? I found the refinement strange because I have never seen another player silute with a weapon with such a high refinement.
The funny thing is that he claims that it was not necessary to use Diamond Anvil for this upgrade, as if achieving this refinement were something simple and normal.

Chat: Translation:
I opened a ticket in the forum asking the staff to inspect your account, your sword is not normal.
Hi, enjoy and go to the group of FB and youtube, has video showing refinement.
Oh and no need for Diamond anvil.
If it was done honestly, my congratulations, but if you have something dirty there, banishment is unavoidable by the staff.


Olha só, finalmente fiquei famoso por aqui, quem diria…
Sword criada em março de 2018… Usei Diamond para uns 3 ou 4 níveis, não me recordo, acho que foi do 25 para o 27 durante o evento de trasncend, mas 90% foi Silver Anvil.
Vídeo do 21 para o 23.
Vídeo de quando foi para +32 no tumulto de Klaipeda =p
Ela chegou até +33, pena que falhou e caiu um nível, mas quem sabe no Re:Build ela fique +40 =)
Nepagristas +16 comprado de outro player.
E obrigado pelo parabéns.


So where is the movie of how you go to +30? :tired: Anyway if you are a honest player just dont be afraid, Nothing will happen. Its normal players who reach anormal stats being suspect. so just relax and wait for game masters job.


I’ve never played before with Knabben in the same party, and I’m not his friend, but I can testify he isn’t hacker or something like that.
Despite of his videos enhancing weapons, I’ve already seen him making +15 /+16 weapons in Orsha, just hitting the anvil normaly. Just like I’ve already seen him failing and ‘breaking’ the weapon.
He is legit.

Silute [SA]


É aqui o post do recalque?! Polícia do refino ta na área!!!


English. Its not a Brazilian forum, its global.


There’s a very very very little probability of making +30 weapons, but is possible in this game system.
There’s nothing wrong with that.

Imagine how many weapons are enhanced by every player, how many of them are +30?
Knabben’s sword is the 0,0000001%.

In fact, only in Silute I have seen at least +3 weapons +30 (Menah’s Bow, for exemple). In the other servers there are people with items +40 (cap). It’s possible, just accept that.


As you discuss here, I’m going to refine more weapons.


I just want Game Master look if its honest or not. If its made by game rules so there is no need to worry about it. We must report every player who is anormal even if he did it by game rules, becouse we have many exploiters around Silute. I dont have nothing against kinnabben, but i need to know if what he made is something using the hack or not. Its just for protection of all of us. Nothing personal.


why do people get so triggered by this? given how we had exploits in the past there’s nothing wrong with asking to verify if it’s legit, the chance if very slim to achieve that. He even says ingame “if that’s legit, congratulations.”.

let GMs verify and move on. This is not different than reporting a player for botting when he is actually legit but just sleepy playing in an approximate pattern. We are expected to report suspect stuff, GMs are the ones to determine if they are guilty or not.


just look at this user post history and u will know whats wrong


It’s easy to make a +32 weapon normally… you just need infinite silver, which is theoretically possible if you either RMTed a lot or were one of the lucky winners of the hack lottery a few months ago. With all the silver you need available, you can simply buy weapons that are already highly enchanted by the dozen and anvil them all at the same time, and there’s a much higher chance you’ll get one of those huge RNG success streaks that will make one of your weapon +32.



Existe monte de arma parecida com essa do Knabbenn no nosso server cara…

Nunca viu o Menah, Isabella, Nath e o Nivene? rs