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Summoner Inquiries?

Hi Saviors :slight_smile:

I’m a player from the stone age (pre-rebuild) and returned since the season server opened.
I made a summoner and keep looking for an updated Guide but can’t find any. All i see are guides from 2019 for Rebuild after launch so I’m not sure if it’s still viable.

Some questions:

  1. Best Card for all contents(silver is not an issue)? I’m currently using Ignas secondary for Boss and can’t pick between Zaura and Marnox for general content.

  2. Im running Sorc-Necro-Pyro (not meta featherfoot) since enchant fire boosts summoner attacks and i want to be useful in groups (pyro AoEs and CC). Is this good?

  3. Is Necro really a must if i take Sorcerer? I feel like the only decent skill is Shoggoth?

  4. Specific Gears and Set effects? I’m currently using Asio Rod Ichor and Wastrel Shield. Should I make a Staff for swap after summoning?

you can ask question here about summoners …

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1: Uses Ignas for Boss and Zaura for CM
2: Not to good as FF, but it´s okay like using Warlock or Omnioji. The FF buff boost your dark atack (your summons are dark) and gives the similar effect of Enchant Fire (in a debuff on enemys)
3: The decent Skill is the Skeletons (Mage+arts, 3 Archers and a Elite Soldier (art)
4: Leather if Liris (with Boruta Seal 3 you can use the Smugis), Vaivora Rod Wicked Desire, Moringponia Shield. If u using staff too, Glacier Staff, Trinket can be the Glacier or Vaivora. Its better use a Staff if u dont have a Glacia Legenda Rod +16