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Arise, Summon Army! The Purple Class Codex

Uhh, I need help with summoner class against Skiaclipse solo … I always die during the cage thingy and specially that bomb, i get 1 hit … do wiz have invul skills? they say teleport? but I always die … T.T

You just need more Hps to tank the Hp drain during the cage.

Mash the teleport button once you’re grounded. Teleport always kicks in before the divebomb.

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hmm … guess ill invest on con ichors instead instead of pure int+spr …

If you’re talking about the divebomb, the easiest way to “dodge” it is to not get hit by lightning. He only dives if he stuns you with lightning (Your summons can be hit safely, he won’t dive). Also, if you’re on your summon when he divesbomb you, you takes much less damage than if you’re not mounted. If you’re talking about the bomb he puts on you (The curse with the red circle), you can deactivate it by stepping on the altar that spawns nearby.

And then about the teleport, getting the timing for the iframe right is really hard (At least for me). I managed to dodge the Skiaclipse one shot only once using teleport, every other time, I miss time it and get os’ed.

Yep that time bomb on top of my head is annoying XDD so there’s a trick to it … haven’t really properly studied the raid … also, my hp is really low … around 140k? O.O need to pump so con and more def …

In casual (Both legend and unique 1 man raid), when you get the bomb on your head, there should be some round stone plate on the ground, stone altar or whatever. I think it only appears when he uses the bomb, so you can’t anticipate the location beforehand. That being said, the altar always spawn near skiaclipse, so you shouldn’t have a problem reaching it before the countdown reaches 0.

140k hp is a bit low, but not that low. If you have enough offensive stats, that should be enough to do unique (100%, even with 100k) and even probably legend if you’re a bit cool with the mechanics.

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Pop magic shield to reduce bomb dmg by 20%.

If you play with party. call someone to take that bomb instead.
If you play casual mode. It will have altar spot with red light appear same time with bomb. Move to that to get rid of it.

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I’m wondering about the latest patch that got into Korea. They increased the ratio of stats the summons gains from SPR (Or attack ?) in exchange of nerfing the isgarinti accessories (That’s what I understood from the translated patchnote someone posted on the forum, it was quite nebulous). They basically reduced the efficiency of accessories by 4 (Went from a total of 50% to 12.5%) and increase the transfer rate of stats by 15%. Isn’t that a straight nerf to summons if you had the right accessories ? (And a slight buff if you didn’t have them yet)

This huge nerf to karaliene is something to correct the most recent buff, in which the bonus damage from desmodus/gather corpse was changed to final damage, this way it affects karaliene’s bonus hits too (so, with lv11 + arts desmodus, it is applying 0.5 x 4.2 = 2.1 total summon damage with the additional hits), so this nerf is actually a “fix” of this unintended feature from that patch. Actually, summoner was terrible before those changes and was in need for some buffs, but this ‘compensation buff’ is just too little, so probably the build will go back to oblivion again.

If google translation is correct, the “compensation buff” was to the damage ratio of summons (currently, summons deal x0.25 damage, take x0.25 damage and apply x2 threat IIRC from the old summon rework that changed all summon’s attack ratios), so it would increase it from x0.25 to x0.2875, at the cost of a huge nerf to isgarinti. To be honest, I do think that this nerf to karaliene was necessary (isgarinti alone basically doubles total damage output of sorc-necro-ff/chrono), as it was BY FAR the strongest karaliene set, and after this change it is about equal to the others (~30% total damage gain), but more compensations should be done (due to the fact that sorcerer was in an horrible state prior to this change). In KR, sorcerer was able to reach 14b dmg to weekly boss, but archer and swordsman did reach near ~13b, so the nerf to sorcerer should have been something around ~10% loss only. So, I would suggest that this +15% compensation buff should be increased.

Additionally, I think legend frosterlord card is a big problem, as it increases average attack of summons by 1% (attack variation for summons is [-10%, +10%] IIRC) per star with no diminishing returns, while other classes’ legend cards like boruta/pantorex do suffer diminishing returns (also, the player that reached 14b do have frosterlord 10*). I think that the attack variation of summons should be reduced from [-10%, +10%] to around [-7%, +7%] (or the frosterlord legend card itself could be nerfed, but I prefer this way), which does affect directly high-level frosterlord cards (becoz it is the strongest legendary card for endgame [when you already have alot of +% effects], but only applies to this build), with minimal impact to players that have legend frosterlord card lower than 5* (so regular players will not be that much affected by this change, just really rich ones). Then, considering the nerf to isgarinti and this suggested nerf to attack variation, the compensation buff given could be improved from +15% to around +50%, which will result in a ~11% total nerf to players with karaliene/luciferi and frosterlord legend 8~10*, but it will be a ~50% buff to players without both, and a ~6% total nerf only to players with karaliene alone (and no froster), down from current ~28% nerf to all players with karaliene

Estimations from the numbers used above:
Take X as the damage from summons, and suppose damage from anything but summons is zero.
Karaliene isgarinti’s current total damage output varies between 90% to 110% of the total damage from summons, depending on the content and weekly boss, so lets take X as the current damage dealt by karaliene.
Also, lets take the average calculation that increasing Y% p/m attack increases 2Y% final damage dealt (won’t do the calculations here as the damage reduction formula is non-linear and it is easier to do by plotting graphs, but this approximation is ok-ish), and total damage dealt can be simplified by [summon damage + karaliene damage] x (1 + frosterlord legend card bonus final damage, considering conversion above) * compensation buff, so:

Current damage: [X + X] * (1 + 0.02 * stars)
New damage (ktest): [X + 0.25X] * (1 + 0.02 * stars) * 1.15 >> ~28.125% nerf for any number of stars (current value in ktest)
New damage (suggested): [X + 0.25X] * (1 + 0.014 * stars) * 1.5 >> ~6.25% nerf (compared to current) if frosterlord 0*, up to ~10.9% nerf if frosterlord 10*

Even with isgarinti’s ktest nerf it is still the best karaliene among all (in terms of final damage gain from using normal moringponia/carnas/drakonas vs improving them into karaliene), and even with this suggested frosterlord legend nerf (by nerfing attack variation of summons) it would still be the best legend card as it suffers no diminishing returns. So I think reducing power concentrated on those two (which affects rich players mostly) and increasing power elsewhere (which affects all players) is better than changing the isgarinti nerf to a softer one.

I might have said too much, but that is my opinion about the changes. Summary: do think the nerf to isgarinti was needed, but compensation buff should be higher; frosterlord legend should also be nerfed (directly or indirectly)


The whole explanation makes sense, but I was just wondering how do you get 4.2 ? If summons damage is equal to 100% + 300% from desmodus + 10% from desmodus gem, you reach 410%. You talk about an art, is there another art in korea that gives an extra 10% summons damage ?

Yes. There are new sets of arts for almost all classes that will soon be here. Desmodus arts removes the damage dealt by the skill, but increases the final damage modifier by an additional +10%. So lv11 + arts = 320% bonus final damage, then 100% + 320% = 420% = 4.2 multiplier

Karaliene isgarinti’s damage is originally half from summon damage (this is the 0.5 factor), but after the final damage patch it gets scaled once again by desmodus’ final damage (4.2 multiplier appears twice after the plus in the formulas below). Changing the calculations abit to be clearer:

Summon damage without desmodus: X
Summon damage with desmodus: X * 4.2 = 4.2 X
Summon damage with isgarinti, without desmodus: X + 0.5 * X = 1.5 X
Summon damage with isgarinti, with desmodus: [X * 4.2] + 0.5 * [X * 4.2] * 4.2 = 13.02 X (wow!)

If we re-write “summon damage with desmodus” as “total summon damage”, being Y (total summon damage) = 4.2 X, the summon damage with isgarinti, with desmodus become:

Y (this is total summon damage) + 0.5 * Y * 4.2 (this is isgarinti’s damage), or
Y + 2.1 * Y

Everything after the plus sign is isgarinti’s damage. The bold part shows that isgarinti’s damage is 2.1 times the total summon damage (which is the Y), when desmodus is active with gem and future arts. As you can see from above, the calculation after the ‘+’ have desmodus’ ratio twice (as Y is 4.2 * X), being a quadratic growth. Before the final damage patch (when desmodus was additive modifier, not final damage), the last ‘* 4.2’ didn’t exist.

It makes a bit more sense thanks. I hope the nerf won’t be too impactful on summoners and that they’ll revise the changes. I’m far from reaching isgarinti accessories as I only just re-started a few weeks ago on season server, but I don’t plan on changing classes either way.

so i have a question, is smugis set eff viable until i get liris set eff? i saw some summoners run it and forsome strange reason a guild mate of mine was hounding me down about my choice in using it. i know of liris, i just need to finish up my equipment which im almost done with (well as far as gearing up for moringporia farming.)

Smugis is better than Liris, even for sorcerer. Also, Liris was bugged some patches ago (source:, summons summoned after casting liris do not get the buff [dunno if fixed already], while smugis is applied to summons as long as it is active (applies to summons summoned after casting smugis, source:

This isn’t a bug. It was confirmed by IMC that it’s intended due to the way Liris functions.

Liris is stronger if you have a decent amount of damage % modifiers, especially if you are in a party situation. Liris does not stack with Karaliene Isgarinti’s Strengthen Subordinate effect however, so once you have that set, then Liris is no longer useful.

Hi there @crevox. Did you seen the last ktos update on isgaranti nerf? Any thoughts on this?

AH! so getting smugis as the way to go ? i like the effect of liris. currently i have smugis and thought that liris wouldve gave a stronger eff. is it ok i still run liris even if i get the karaliene set? Hm, it does seem smugis is more reliable tho.

If you can afford a karaliene set, changing set effect on all your gear is the least of your worries… Cost of pamokas is nearly insignificant compared to a karaliene set. You can even get pamokas with popo points, for which all you need to do is literally afk.

ah i see. well im working on my drakonas set as of now. im working on getting carnas set to hold me down untill i get karoline set up and going. the new skeleton solider is a beast! oh and im playing on seasonal server too btw.

Guys, is there any comparison for the new skeleton art? Is it really necessary for 5 points in Soldier instead of 5 points in Archer? Or can I just put 1 point on the Soldier?

Or in short, is it good art?