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Suggestions for a SR build


Hello, everyone. I’ve stopped playing in the middle of last year and just recently returned before Re:Build to remember how it feels playing now and then be able to compare with the new changes. I’ve not been able to decide which path to choose, though. I had an Archer C2 -> Ranger C3 -> Schwarzer Reiter C3 but I changed it when they distributed rank resets to test a patch change. I was really disappointed with some changes (specially the one that changed the Kugheri mobs damage from 2k to 200 out of nowhere) and coupled with some personal issues made me leave the game. The problem is: I left my archer in a test build… She is now Archer C2 -> Ranger C1 -> Wugushi C1 -> Fletcher C1 -> Schwarzer Reiter C3 and I don’t know where to go from there.

I thought at first to go to Bullet Marker, but people advised me to avoid it because most of the skills dismount the char. Some friends of my suggested going to Ranger C3, but I was Ranger C3 back then and I already remember how it feels playing. I know there was a Ranger patch recently and some skills like Critical Shot became really good. But I wanted to try another combination. Should I go BM regardless of dismounting or are there any other good options?

Thank you!


The first thing to consider is whether you want to stay as Archer after re:build, or switch to Scout. If you want to switch to Scout, then SR+BM should be fine.


One good thing about BM is Silver bullet (+50% against dark and demons), I hate low duration buffs but, it is good.
Appraiser also can help, but same story with low duration buff.
Hackapell for using dash while mounted lol, I saw some of this farming like crazy.
Rogue for crits.
Ranger 2 for +5% Steady Aim buff ?
Archer 3 for + crit rate from Swift Step ?


I used Ranger 3 Appraiser SR3 BM2 and it’s really good and comfortable build for me. It just takes a bit of funding. But Re:Build is coming so this build is going to be ded. I’m probably going to be SR BM linker or something. I don’t know what main hand to invest after pistol, so I have to wait.

This is my build in action:


wait for rebuild, all skill balance damage r10 weaker maybe but balance all class damage,


I’ll probably switch, since I made the character thinking on SR and I really enjoy the class. But I’m worried about the classes synergies. I watched some videos and realized that Bloody Overdrive kills the pet… I wonder how bad this can be, considering the pet is required for using SR skills…

Thank you!

Thank you for the recommendations! SR + Hackapell works? I mean, it would require to weapon swap a lot, that would be a pain x_x

I realized in your second video that your pet doesn’t die to Bloody Overdrive. Does it have very good equipment or is there a way of avoiding that? Also, can you please tell me how usually are your skill rotation and if there’s any problem with mounting and dismounting constantly? Thank you!!

I’m waiting, but I want to have a feel of the game in it’s actual state. I’m putting all my faith in this game on Re:Build despite disliking quite a few things that were already announced. I don’t want ToS to die =[


You could try mine Archer 2 > Ranger 3 > SR 3 > BM2

It’s a farming build though.

Sr really needs a lot of funding goodluck ^^


Christmas sled doesn’t take any form of damage, it is immortal. That said, you don’t get any of its bonuses when you mount it, since you can’t feed it. It is unfortunately a premium item and it hasn’t been introduced since last year. Hopefully they add something similar this December. When I first bought it I didn’t know it gave 6 movespeed and can instantly teleport to you when you want to mount it.

This guide is going to be outdated, soon.

My skill rotation is usually keeping critical shot uptime 100% and then using retreat + limacon and glass moles on a group of mobs. But I would suggest using marching fire first and then retreat shot because you will get the former skill off cooldown by the time retreat is done. For me, there are no problems mounting and unmounting since I have the sled. Only thing you have to make sure is to keep limacon active when mounting back, which, is off cooldown once my rotations are done.

Don’t follow the rotation on that guide, since it is outdated, I’m just lazy to update it, at this point.