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Suggestion on preventing bots

From what I’ve seen, there’re 2 main types of bots
1)Keyboard-Macro Bots:Those walking around in loop in the same path, same moves, same skills then teleport back to camp of their alt-account REPEAT.
2)Hacking Bots:Teleporting around at the repeating designated area and take all the mobs.

So, one thing in common is that no matter how many routes they created for their bots, it always repeat! They’ll walk in the EXACT same spot which is almost impossible for a human to do.

My suggestion is
1)Ban/Realtime check those who walk/place skills in the EXACT same spot.
2)Randomly pop-up Captcha OR pop-up when ever someone is getting a few reports.


Greetings Savior,

We appreciate your time in providing us with your helpful suggestions and voicing out your concern. We will forward your ticket to our development team for them to review. Rest assured that the issue with bots will be given proper attention.