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Suggestion For Better Quality of Life

I suggest giving out more rewards like Team Storage Inventory, i.e. cosmetics/special mounts/quality of life rewards.

The game already has a relatively rich open world in context but between the declining population and lack of new players it’s becoming quite barren. The correlation between time spent and the reward system for participating in the open world are minimal and do not stimulate player growth. Bosses are for the most part inaccessible to the majority of new players, even those that pushed to the level cap, map completion rewards are negligible, and every proceeding update hunting grounds make less sense to do over other things.

I think starting with a better collection reward system and generally better more notable rewards would not only encourage players to participate but also incentivize players to promote the content to both veteran and newer players as a goal to push for outside of gearing/leveling.

Personally, I feel like the way the collections system is designed works fine but the rewards in the majority are nothing to write home about and improving on this aspect would greatly increase the quality of the game.This would not only bolster player activity in the open world but also entice newer players to put more time into the game and build a lasting relationship with it in the process. Which is basically free promotion for you guys.

Just a suggestion though…


The problem is this. Increasing team-base reward will always have the same downside: make veteran more stronger. Why?

  1. Permanent reward (from map drop collection), veteran will stronger on every team base stackable content.
  2. Monthly reward, no need to say, newbie doesn’t stand a chance.

There will never be an occasion where the veteran wont be ahead of a newcomer, like anything in life. The purpose would be to promote interactions in the open world. Veteran players will want more similar updates/content and a way to get it is to build a healthier community (encourage veteran players to build relations with newer players and getting more people on the game.)

Happens all the time.


suggestion for better quality of life? work hard, be a successful people, dont play game too long you forget about reality

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did u mean barren? ‘w’?

One quality of life would be making easier to see who you are targeting, sometimes you can’t be sure what is your target. I know there are Addons that do that but even so they are addons, not game features.
One change that will prob bring a lot of players will be the housing system. :satisfaction:

word, thanks for the edit

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I think in regards to new players, you need to keep the old interested with harder content, including making it harder to do quests and even field mobs at higher levels.

You keep the veterans interested, which then in turn keeps a certain amount of player base to make the new players not feel like it is barren.

Some incentive to help lower level players would help too in this process.

WoW made the mistake of making everything too easy also, you can pretty much solo most things in ToS. Forced partying causes people to interact, which creates friendships and overall a more fun experience.

I agree giving collections a significant rewards boost. Collections atm are something to laugh at, why in the world would newbies and veterans alike spend completing collections for a mere +sp it’s a joke…

+2 Physical attack
+50 Max health
the list goes on.

Guy, that’s the whole point of the game being as it is. In fact the whole industry works like that. Just look at e.g. Granblue Fantasy, you’re simply locked out of the majority of content/good rewards/easy progression if you’re not a veteran.

TOS is supposedly a casual game that you play each day for a short amount of time over a really long time period (several years). You’re not supposed to have everything at the start but slowly and steadily progress through the game.

I can agree with the point of collections being pretty unrewarding. In fact even the title collection bonus is generally speaking more rewarding on average than collections, but the collections affect your whole team in return, which can make a huge difference when you start a new character.

If my guess is right, the intention behind the collection system is to give your secondary characters you create after you’ve explored the whole world with your main character a headstart.
It’s the same with Wings of Vaivoras exploration EXP cards, allowing you to save time every time your team grows by a new character.

It’s not really designed towards providing people with endgame advantages, otherwise people would probably feel forced to farm/complete the collections, with some of them having ridiculous demands.

We also haven’t seen an update on collections for a long time now, it’s an outdated system from a time before Re:build that wasn’t rebuilt together with the Rank system.

About more open world interaction: it was already teased early this year that they are planning to add more open world interaction systems, expand fishing,etc. , but developing such things is extremely time-consuming and has less impact on the overall game community.

That’s why it was delayed and instead, the basic system is going to be rebuilt again to fit the players demands more. After all, the only thing that TOS has to offer right now is an extended power fantasy, and the people still playing it play it because of this reason, or because of the aesthetics.
So to keep the players satisfied, they are trying to pull the game from the swamp is has been driven into throughout the last 2 years.

Making a 180 with a small, unstable team is impossible in such a short amount of time.
It will probably take 1 or 2 years more of actual development to make this game into a good game.
And all while there are still a lot of mechanical issues, bugs, bad coding, etc. to fix.
From my perspective, we actually cannot expect anything from this game before 2022.

That’s the sad truth, we’re testing a game in the development phase. TOS is not really a game you can play to enjoy quite yet.

Seeing how things work out, such feedback will be considered and implemented with 1-2 years delay, so sit back and wait for the upcoming changes, it’s the best we can do instead of furiously arguing about what is best.

Not that you really need a headstart on new characters other than the xp bonus from team level nowadays…
:tired: Another thing they need to adress are damage/defense boosting potions… +100 Physical/Magical defense for 3min isn’t that attractive when you already have more than 20000 of each(end game players have more than 20000), or +75 Physical/Magical attack while you already got +15000. And they insist on “rewarding” us with it… Even for new players it don’t have any major effect.