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Suggestion: Decrease the price of torture tools

The price of torture tools being 300z makes me want to not use my skills as frequently lol

I have other classes and when I see paper dolls, strange yellow paper, holy water and other items costing 100z or less, it would probably make it nicer for us if the torture tools cost less.

Sometimes I’m just hanging around a regular field and I wanted to use the ripper just for giggles, but then I decide to use fanatic illusion because I know it’s kinda of a waste to use them, specially if your character is low level and you decided to pick inquisitor as your first class and because each time you use breaking wheel or ripper is 2 torture tools, so any combo of breaking wheel with ripper is already 1200z, even if you use yin yang from onmyoji, the strongest skill for the class, it cost you just 3 paper dolls. Taoist is pretty much the same thing.

Just some food for thought

Dunno about this. I’m playing both Inquisitor and Tao/Onmyoji and I find that I need to restock way more frequently on the wizards than the inqui, so having the tao/onmy papers cheaper feels right.