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Suggestion: an easy way to go to guild hangout

As the title says, make it easier to have a place to hang out with guild mates when you’re doing nothing in game. Why should you do that?

  • to make klaipeda less crowded with afk people and avoid crashing the channel so often.
  • player retention: hanging out with guildies deepen personal bond with those people. it’s harder to quit when you know your friend is still playing the game, especially close ones.
  • there’s a lot of other benefits of having a closely knitted playerbase than not really.

So, with that out of the way, I want to make a suggestion for the devs to make a warpstone to guild hangout with maybe 5 minutes cooldown so nobody could spam it, and make a portal to guild hangout from klaipeda, since with the current system, going to guild tower just takes too much effort so people rarely go there.

The premise of this one is very counterintuitive, they want people to be visible in major cities so the game appears populated.

They are also expanding on guild hangouts in probably the next content patch. Going to guild tower doesn’t take that much effort… Depends on where you’re putting it. If you’re hiding it in BFE, then yeah, it’s not gonna be easy.

I certainly wouldn’t mind a faster way to port people there as a guild master. Ever since they changed the GM summon and gave it a cooldown, I’d really love to be able to mass summon people to my location or at least allow everyone a quick port to guild tower (outside GTW, but maybe in GTW too it probably wouldn’t hurt that much either since many guilds have it at a very accessible location anyway).

yeah, that’s what makes a good first impression for newbies i guess, seeing a lot of channel crashes and watching their performance tanks because there’s too many players in the city as well.

1st, teleport via vakarine statue to where your leader or elder put the tower
2nd, run to wherever the damn tower is
3rd, interact with the tower, and enter.

now, compare it to:

1st, just click the warpstone, done.

sure, it’s pretty simple on paper, but you also gotta understand the player’s mentality when designing something. if you expect your players to run there manually to go to the hangout, you’d be wrong as they’d rather sit on klaipeda and eventually crashing the server down because ain’t nobody got time for that.

now, even if you say “that’s not complicated for me”, then ask yourself, is your guild hangout always full of people? Or is your guildmate rather sit in klaipeda while chilling or afk rather than in guild hangout? See, if the answer is no and yes, then you have your answer. The guild hangout is meant to be a social feature with the intent of what I listed above: making player-to-player interaction so player retention increases. But this feature clearly not met it’s intended function as nobody got time to manually run to go there (at least from what i can see).

Also, I wholly support the idea of decorating your guild hangout so it feels more personal. But, if nobody even bothered to be there to begin with, why bother with this system? it’ll be just a redundant feature that’s dead on arrival the moment it drops.

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