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Hi suggestion

Add Attribute reset potion @ poposhop

Be able to revert weapons back to default skin weapons/shields/items
(example: solmiki cannon(default)> bunny cannon(skin) > back to solmiki cannon(default)

with the cost of either:
Silver / Materials (stuff that’s from either dungeons/uphill or even cm cubes e.g Peridots/Diamonds/Rubies so people will have more source of income or simply make use of them)

Improve/Update CM/Dungeon cube loots

Enchant transfer scrolls can either be on tp shop/loot
this allows a person to extract his/her current hair enchant to the new hats

Better Inventory Sorting e.g stacking the same items together etc.


Instead of Screenshot_4 ALT+G(guildinfo) let us know how long the member hasn’t logged in for (inactivity)

Make titles team shared

Remove character slot requirements for pets

Lastly, would be nice to have floating pets(bats, dragons, etc.)

Thank you.


Yes yes.
And more Yes. 20charsYes


I was thinking of making a thread for all Popolion Shop Suggestions…


I will look around and see if people post a lot of PP stuff I make the thread…


Suggestion to give chronos same duration buffs as thaum or at least make it like 30 seconds longer.
Please and thank you