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[SUBMIT] You're Coming With Us


Title: You’re Coming With Us
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Shiseptiana

Description: With all those class system changes, Rever, my farmer char will have to join the new class tree and say goodbye to featherfoot. He has no choice if he wants to keep thauma & linker. Thank you for your support all this time, Miss Kyoll Lurawa!

lineart version:


this is my fav costume for him but he won’t be able to wear it soon. sad.
still can’t decide what class I’ll take for him but I’ll try those new classes first!
excited for re:build!


:satisfaction: lol this is very good!! Linker master my wifu is here


:sad:poor my link thau rune


Many of our characters will go through this :sad:


good thing i only have 1 untradable+uncovertible costume for my char that’s going to the scout tree owO

still… feels leik a waste to just throw away a swordie c3 costume ; w ;


@kumagzter hahah thank you!!
@Revenant6th :sad: RIP
@DrRM tfw some classes in your fav builds will be moved to another class tree and u have to give up one of them
@Aoi_Kanashi ikr… some costumes looks too nice to be thrown away.
well at least they’ll give us the chance to trade them into another costumes your char can wear after the changes.
anyway I hope they’ll release more scout costume soon. it’s unfair if other base classes have exclusive costumes while scout doesn’t


My chances to place in 11 picked are shrinking like nuts in cold water.

Great piece by the way :wink:


my special swordie costume is traded with no token :tired:

and it’s not in the list of couponable stuff :sad:


@marvinconman thank you! you have unique style tho. good luck with your entry! :haha:
@Aoi_Kanashi o-oh… didn’t know that. that’s unfortunate :tired: /pats


it’s ok owO i’ll prolly just keep it in case i decide to revert my squire to the swordie tree or sumthin owO