[SUBMIT] Wings of Vaivora Quest Rewards


Team name : Diamandis
Server [SA] Silute

I originally made this as a visual guide (it’s a single image), but i don’t know if the rules permit me to post it so here it’s the link: Visual Guide (contains the exact same info as the post, it’s just much easier to read).

Some quests in the game give extra rewards once cleared. In order to get those rewards you need to speak to [Wings of Vaivora] NPC Lena in Klaipeda. You can also speak to [Wings of Vaivora] NPC Rosia in Orsha.

Keep in mind that all rewards can only be retrieved once per character, are untradable and cannot be transferred via Team Storage.

Take in consideration that some of the quests will usually require having cleared other quests previously and you need to be at least 30 levels below the quest level in order to take it.

The quest list, instructions and rewards are listed below:

  • Mysterious Slate (Level 20): Clear the Crystal Mine questline (Talk to Knight Titas in West Siauliai Woods)
    Rewards: Silver Anvil (14 Days) x1

  • The Hidden Sanctum’s Revelation(Level 28) : Clear the Tenet Church Questline
    Rewards: Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token (14 Days) x2

  • The Demons’ Goals(Level 53): Clear the Novaha Institute Questline (Start Talking to Traveling Merchant Rose in Dadan Jungle
    Rewards: Emergency Repair Kit x2, Basic Warp Scroll x2

  • This is Only the Beginning(Level 84): Clear the Delmore Questline (Start Talking to Mage Melchioras in Delmore Hamlet)
    Rewards:Emergency Repair Kit x2, Basic Warp Scroll x2

  • The King of the Great Humans(Level 94): Clear the Royal Mausoleum Questline (Start Talking to Historian Rexipher at Rukas Plateau)
    Rewards: Silver Anvil (14 Days) x1

  • Goddess Gabija(Level 126): Clear the Mage Tower questline (Start Talking to Grita in Fedimian)
    Rewards: Skill Reset Potion (14 Days) x1

  • The Dimensional Crack (Level 163): Clear the Demon Prison Questline (Start Talking to [Baron Allerno] Asta in Aqueduct Bridge Area)
    Rewards: Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token (14 Days) x2

  • Dead of the Dead (Level 168): Start Talking to Adrijus in Nuoridin Falls.
    Rewards: Emergency Repair Kit x4

  • For the Guidance of Souls(Level 204): Start Talking to Kupole Meile in Coastal Fortress
    Rewards: Basic Warp Scroll x4

  • Revelation of Fortress of the Land(Level 217): Clear the Sentry Bailey Questline (Start Talking to [Amanda Grave Robbers] Amanda in Inner Enceinte District)
    Rewards: Stat Reset Potion (14 Days) x1

Note: As in the current state of Re:Build, stats are allocated automatically, however, if you have extra stat points (gained by quests) Stat Reset Potion allows you re-allocate them.

  • The Revelation of Kalejimas(Level 272): Clear the Kalejimas Questline (Start at Kalejimas Visiting Room hearing the Spiritual Voice)
    Rewards: Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token (14 Days) x2

  • Incident on Triple-Layered Castle Wall(Level 285) Talk to Kupole Milda in Outer Wall District 9 Rewards: Silver Anvil (14 Days) x1

  • Alarm Installation (Level 295): Start Talking to Kupole Leda in Jonael Commemorative Orb. Rewards: Emergency Repair Kit x3, Basic Warp Scroll x3

  • Wandering Spirits (Level 300): (Start Talking to the Owl Sculpture of Forecasts in Kule Peak) Rewards: Silver Anvil (14 Days) x1

Once you cleared the quest do this:

  1. Go to the NPC

  2. Choose the option “Let me tell you about my journey”

  3. Select which quests you wish to receive rewards from.

Note that some rewards are timed, and thus is recommended only claiming them when you’re certain of their uses.

Enjoy your rewards! :kissing_closed_eyes:


Holy cow. I did not know the quest would reward you skill reset and stat reset potion. This needs to be upped.